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Tuition & Fees

  • Bursar’s Office/UVU Cashier
  • Located: BA 108
  • Telephone: 801-863-7200
  • Fax: 801-863-8787
  • E-mail:
  • Hours:
  •     Monday, Thursday, Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  •     Tuesday, Wednesday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Tuition & Fees Policy

Tuition and student fees are established by the Utah State Board of Regents. University Policy regarding payment of tuition and fees states that all tuition and fees assessed at the time of registration are due and payable. This policy applies to all registration periods. Tuition and other charges are subject to change without notice. Please check current policies, procedures, tuition and fee tables, payment deadlines, and other important information at registration .

Early registration not covered by Financial Aid or paid in full by the published payment deadline may be purged (dropped) for non-payment. After the published deadline, Utah Valley University will not drop courses for non-payment or non-attendance. Students who change their mind are responsible to drop their own classes or file a Leave of Absence. Filing a Leave of Absence does not absolve a student of any financial obligation to the University for tuition or other charges owing or repayment of a financial aid disbursement. Students must drop or withdraw by the published 100% Refund Date or they will be responsible to pay the total tuition and fees owed. For exact refund and drop deadlines, please refer to the Registration Dates and Deadlines at registration .

Students who default on all or any portion of their tuition and fees will be suspended from further registration and records activity at UVU until their accounts are paid in full. 

Past due tuition accounts may be reported to a Nationwide Credit Reporting Agency, and/or turned over to an outside collection agency for collection.

Tuition Surcharge Policy

Students are encouraged to avoid accumulating credit hours beyond those needed to successfully complete their identified program of study. A student may be charged the excess credit hour surcharge for credit hours in excess of 125% of a student’s program of study. The surcharge amount for resident students is double the current year’s resident tuition rates for the number of credit hours taken. Non-resident students will continue to pay non-resident tuition.

For further information regarding this policy, please contact your advisor or the Graduation/Transfer Services Office.

Dropping/Withdrawing from Courses

When students enroll in a course, they are reserving a seat in the class. If a student decides not to take a class, it is the responsibility of the student to drop the course before the 100% Refund Deadline. Dropping the class before this deadline removes the charges from the student’s account and allows other students to register. Charges for classes dropped after the 100% Refund Period deadlines will remain owing and will not be credited back to the student’s account balance. 

Student Financial Responsibility

Before students can register for classes they must review and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in the Student Financial Responsibility Agreement, then review and update their address and other demographic information. It is important that students carefully update their demographic information as the University periodically sends bills, refund checks, and other important correspondence through the mail.

The Student Financial Responsibility Agreement (SFRA) includes agreements to pay tuition and fees, requires adherence to payment and withdrawal deadlines, outlines the consequences of delinquencies, and presents required financial aid consents. It also provides students an opportunity to consent to electronic delivery of their 1098-T Tax Form. The following is a brief description of terms included in the SFRA. To view the SFRA document in full, visit

  • FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: I agree to pay all tuition, fees, and other related costs that result from my registration and/or future drop/add activity and understand that acceptance of these terms constitutes a promise to pay agreement.
  • DROPPING/WITHDRAWING FROM COURSES: I understand and agree it is my responsibility to drop my own classes if I decide not to attend and further understand that I must drop my classes and/or file a Leave of Absence before the 100% Refund Deadline or I will be responsible for all tuition and fees .
  • CONSEQUENCES OF DELINQUENT ACCOUNT/COLLECTION: I agree to pay all charges by the published deadlines and understand the consequences of delinquencies on my account including late payment charges, registration holds, and possible collection fees. 
  • COMMUNICATION: I understand all correspondence from Utah Valley University will be sent to the student’s myUVU email account (including my billing statements) and therefore I am responsible for reading the e-mails I receive from UVU on a timely basis.  I agree to keep my contact information current with UVU and further agree to allow Utah Valley University and its agents to contact me at any address, telephone, or cell phone number that I provide now or in the future. 
  • FINANCIAL AID DISBURSEMENTS: I understand that if I am expecting Financial Aid, I am responsible to follow up and ensure I have met all requirements to receive it, and acknowledge that I may be charged a late fee if my Financial Aid has not disbursed by the Late Fee Deadline. I further acknowledge that aid is contingent upon my enrollment and attendance in each class.

Tuition Refund Policy

The tuition refund policy is established by the Utah State Board of Regents and amended by each college or university to fit their programs. Utah Valley University refunds to students who withdraw from school or drop classes as follows:


  • Through the 100% refund date published on the Student Timetable....100%

  • After the 100% refund date published on the student Timetable....0%

Exact dates for semester, block, and weekend classes can be found at

Students must drop classes or completely withdraw by the published 100% Refund Deadline in order to have the charges removed from their account. Students who withdraw after that date will not receive a refund; if they have not paid, they will continue to owe the University for these charges and will be subject to collections procedures if left unpaid.

Changes in enrollment may affect Financial Aid eligibility and amounts received. Financial Aid awards may be revoked when dropping courses, thus increasing the amount owed.

A Petition to the Refund Policy Form can be obtained online through myUVU or from the Office of the Registrar.

State-Mandated Refund Policies

Students who are living in the following states while actively participating in UVU courses will receive refunds as designated by the state departments of education.


 A. Cooling off period: Any student signing an enrollment agreement or making an initial deposit or payment toward tuition and fees of the institution shall be entitled to a cooling off period of at least three work days from the date of agreement or payment or from the date that the student first visits the institution, whichever is longer. During the cooling off period the agreement can be withdrawn and all payments shall be refunded. Evidence of personal appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery by mail or other means shall be deemed as meeting the terms of the cooling off period.

 B. Refunds prior to commencing instruction: Following the cooling off period but prior to the beginning of instruction, a student may withdraw from enrollment, effective upon personal appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery (as defined above), and the institution shall be entitled to retain no more than $200 in tuition or fees as registration charges.

  C. In the case of students enrolling for non-traditional instruction, a student may withdraw from enrollment following the cooling off period, prior to submission by the student of any lesson materials and effective upon deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery (as defined above) and the institution shall be entitled to retain no more than $200 in tuition or fees as registration charges or an alternative amount that the institution can demonstrate to have been expended in preparation for that particular student's enrollment.

 D. Refunds following commencement of instruction: An institution registered with the department shall adhere to either the following tuition refund policy or to a policy established by the institution's state of residence or accrediting body.

 E. A student may withdraw after beginning instruction or submitting lesson materials, effective upon appearance at the institution or deposit of a written statement of withdrawal for delivery (as defined above), and the institution shall be entitled to retain no more than $200 in tuition or fees as registration charges or an alternative amount that the institution can demonstrate to have been expended in undertaking that particular student's instruction plus a pro rata amount of any additional tuition and fees earned and paid according to the following schedule:

Date of withdrawal as a percent of the enrollment period for which the student was obligated Portion of tuition and fees obligated and paid that are eligible to be retained by the institution
within 1st 10 percent 10 percent
within 2nd 10 percent 25 percent
within 3rd 10 percent 40 percent
within 4th 10 percent 55 percent
within 5th 10 percent 70 percent
within 6th 10 percent 85 percent
thereafter 100 percent


 F. "Enrollment period for which the student was obligated" means a quarter, semester, or other term of instruction followed by the institution which the student has begun and for which the student has agreed to pay tuition.

 G. Tuition/fee refunds must be made within 30 calendar days of the institution receiving written notice of a student's withdrawal or of the institution terminating enrollment of the student, whichever is earlier. Upon request by a student or the department, the institution shall provide an accounting for such amounts retained under this standard within five work days.

 H. The institution's payment and refund policies shall be clearly articulated in the institution's catalog and as part of all enrollment agreements.


Special Lab & Course Fees

Some classes require fees in addition to standard tuition and fees. The online class schedule indicates such lab, course, and materials fees.

Late Payment Fee (Late Fee)

Late Payment Fees are assessed each Wednesday night throughout the semester with a begin date according to the Student Timetable. Late fees are assessed on ALL unpaid account balances at 20%, not to exceed $200.00 per semester, including accounts awaiting Financial Aid.

Late Registration Fee (Late ADD Fee)

Special approvals are required to register late for a class. The length of time for each late registration period is relative to each part of term and is governed by the Student Timetable. Students who add classes during the late registration period must finalize the process by paying for appropriate late registration fees in addition to their tuition/fees according to the published dates on the Semester Student Timetable.


Payment Options

At the Cashier Windows

  • Cash

  • Check

  • PIN-based debit

Online through Tuition Payment Plus

  • Electronic Checks

Electronic Check payments are free of charge and can be made online only with the bank routing number and account number. Payments can be made from a personal checking or savings account. Corporate checks, credit card checks, home equity, traveler’s cheques, etc. are not accepted. Electronic check payments are processed through Tuition Payment PLUS, accessed through  myUVU. Any check returned by the payor’s bank for  any reason , will be considered a “dishonored” check and all penalties for a “dishonored” check will be applicable.

  • Credit Cards

Payments with credit cards are accepted online only and will be charged a non-refundable service fee of 2.85% (minimum $3.00). Most major credit cards are accepted including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Tuition Payment Plan

The tuition payment plan allows students to pay installments on their tuition and fees over the course of the semester with a minimal fee to enroll. If students enroll before the published Payment Deadline dates, their classes will not be dropped for nonpayment. In addition, enrollment in the payment plan before the Late Fee Deadline will prevent the 20% late fee from being assessed. More information about the payment plan can be found at


Check Cashing Procedures

The University does not accept two-party checks. Checks written to UVU must have the student’s UV ID number, and the payor’s address and phone number on the face of the check.

Checks made for an amount larger than the total tuition and fees due will not be accepted. 

Dishonored Checks

A dishonored check is any check returned by the payor’s bank for any reason, including, but not limited to, insufficient funds, no account, bad account, stop payment, unauthorized account, refer to maker. Checks written that later have a “stop payment” placed upon them will be considered as “dishonored”.

A service charge will be assessed on each dishonored check unless the payor can document in writing from the bank that it was a bank error.


Third Party/Sponsored Payments

Students are responsible for ensuring that appropriate documentation for a third-party or sponsored payment is submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office prior to the start of classes each semester. If paperwork cannot be submitted to the Accounts Receivable Office by the published Payment Deadline, students should consider enrolling in the Tuition Payment Plan to avoid having their classes purged (dropped) for nonpayment.

Students who are sponsored by a third-party must comply with the terms of the sponsor agreement and verify that all tuition and fees charges are paid by the sponsor. Any balance not paid by the sponsor remains the student responsibility and is subject to all payment deadlines and late fees.

If a student adjusts their registration schedule after their authorization has been received by UVU, it is the student’s responsibility to verify that any course or tuition and fee changes will be paid by the sponsor and that these changes are reported to the Accounts Receivable office for proper processing.

If the sponsor does not provide funding by the end of the semester, the student will be responsible for payment of tuition and fees.

2020-21 Undergraduate Tuition and General Fee Schedule
Resident   Non-Resident
Credit Hours Tuition Fees Total   Credit Hours Tuition Fees Total
0.5 307.50 24.50 332.00   0.5 870.00 24.50 894.50
1.0 407.00 42.00 449.00   1.0 1,182.00 42.00 1,224.00
1.5 506.50 59.50 566.00   1.5 1,494.00 59.50 1,553.50
2.0 606.00 77.00 683.00   2.0 1,806.00 77.00 1,883.00
2.5 705.50 94.50 800.00   2.5 2,118.00 94.50 2,212.50
3.0 805.00 112.00 917.00   3.0 2,430.00 112.00 2,542.00
3.5 904.50 129.50 1,034.00   3.5 2,742.00 129.50 2,871.50
4.0 1,004.00 147.00 1,151.00   4.0 3,054.00 147.00 3,201.00
4.5 1,103.50 164.50 1,268.00   4.5 3,366.00 164.50 3,530.50
5.0 1,203.00 182.00 1,385.00   5.0 3,678.00 182.00 3,860.00
5.5 1,302.50 199.50 1,502.00   5.5 3,990.00 199.50 4,189.50
6.0 1,402.00 217.00 1,619.00   6.0 4,302.00 217.00 4,519.00
6.5 1,501.50 234.50 1,736.00   6.5 4,614.00 234.50 4,848.50
7.0 1,601.00 252.00 1,853.00   7.0 4,926.00 252.00 5,178.00
7.5 1,700.50 269.50 1,970.00   7.5 5,238.00 269.50 5,507.50
8.0 1,800.00 287.00 2,087.00   8.0 5,550.00 287.00 5,837.00
8.5 1,899.50 304.50 2,204.00   8.5 5,862.00 304.50 6,166.50
9.0 1,999.00 322.00 2,321.00   9.0 6,174.00 322.00 6,496.00
9.5 2,098.50 339.50 2,438.00   9.5 6,486.00 339.50 6,825.50
10.0 2,198.00 357.00 2,555.00   10.0 6,798.00 357.00 7,155.00
10.5 2,297.50 357.00 2,654.50   10.5 7,110.00 357.00 7,467.00
11.0 2,397.00 357.00 2,754.00   11.0 7,422.00 357.00 7,779.00
11.5 2,496.50 357.00 2,853.50   11.5 7,734.00 357.00 8,091.00
Equal Tuition Payment for 12.0-18.0 credit hours
12.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   12.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
12.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   12.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
13.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   13.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
13.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   13.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
14.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   14.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
14.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   14.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
15.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   15.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
15.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   15.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
16.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   16.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
16.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   16.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
17.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   17.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
17.5 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   17.5 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
18.0 2,596.00 357.00 2,953.00   18.0 8,046.00 357.00 8,403.00
End of Equal Tuition Payment for 12.0-18.0 credit hours
18.5 2,695.50 357.00 3,052.50   18.5 8,358.00 357.00 8,715.00
19.0 2,795.00 357.00 3,152.00   19.0 8,670.00 357.00 9,027.00
19.5 2,894.50 357.00 3,251.50   19.5 8,982.00 357.00 9,339.00
20.0 2,994.00 357.00 3,351.00   20.0 9,294.00 357.00 9,651.00
20.5 3,093.50 357.00 3,450.50   20.5 9,606.00 357.00 9,963.00
21.0 3,193.00 357.00 3,550.00   21.0 9,918.00 357.00 10,275.00
21.5 3,292.50 357.00 3,649.50   21.5 10,230.00 357.00 10,587.00
22.0 3,392.00 357.00 3,749.00   22.0 10,542.00 357.00 10,899.00
22.5 3,491.50 357.00 3,848.50   22.5 10,854.00 357.00 11,211.00
23.0 3,591.00 357.00 3,948.00   23.0 11,166.00 357.00 11,523.00
23.5 3,690.50 357.00 4,047.50   23.5 11,478.00 357.00 11,835.00
24.0 3,790.00 357.00 4,147.00   24.0 11,790.00 357.00 12,147.00
24.5 3,889.50 357.00 4,246.50   24.5 12,102.00 357.00 12,459.00
25.0 3,989.00 357.00 4,346.00   25.0 12,414.00 357.00 12,771.00
For each credit hour over 25, $199 per credit hour will be assessed for residents and $624 per credit hour for non-residents
Admission Application Fee $35
Late Admission Application Fee (After deadline of August 1 for fall and December 1 for spring) $40 ($35 +$40 late fee) total $75
Readmit Application Fee $15
Readmit Late Application Fee (After deadline of August 1 for fall and December 1 for spring) $40 ($15 +$40 late fee) total $55
International Student Admissions Application Fee $115
International Student Semester Fee $40
Late Graduation Application Fee $25
Special Lab and Course Fees (see online class schedule)
Challenge Credit Fee $5 per credit
Challenge Credit Form $15
Late Registration Fee

$45 beginning Spring 2018

For each credit hour over 25 for the 2020-2021 Academic Year:  
Resident $199
Non-resident $624
Late Tuition Payment Fee Assessed each Wednesday night on ALL UNPAID ACCOUNT BALANCES, including 2 nd block, at 20%, not to exceed $200 
Tuition Payment Plan - Enrollment Fee $25
Tuition Payment Plan - Fee for each late installment payment      $25
Reactivation Fee (Students whose classes are dropped for non-payment must pay the reactivation fee in order to again be eligible for class registration or placement on a wait list.) $10