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Building Inspection Technology

BIT-Building Inspection Technology
BIT 1010
Building Codes

Teaches the nonstructural standards of the Uniform Building Code. Includes occupancy classifications, building area, height and location limits, exit requirements, and fire-resistive standards.

BIT 1020
Residential Codes

Teaches the nonstructural standards of the International Residential Code. Includes foundations, walls, floors, roofs, finishes, heating, cooling, plumbing and electrical codes as they apply to residential construction.

BIT 1170
Field Lab Building Codes
Not Offered

For students, building inspectors, architects, and builders. Provides practical on-the-job experience in inspecting footings, foundation walls, reinforcement steel, the building structure, and interior and exterior coverings.

BIT 1230
Plan Review
Not Offered
BIT 1010 or instructor's approval.

Designed to introduce students to the techniques of nonstructural plans examination through familiarization of the plan and construction documents, specifications, and the application of code requirements.

BIT 1240
Plumbing Codes
Not Offered

A comprehensive study of plumbing code requirements relating to the principles of plumbing design, materials, installation standards, water and gas distribution systems, storm and sanitary sewer systems, water heaters, and mobile home connections.

BIT 1330
Mechanical Codes
Not Offered

This is a comprehensive course which covers the entire Uniform Mechanical Code. Students will gain a working knowledge of requirements for mechanical systems, including heating, cooling, ducts, ventilation, refrigeration, kitchen hood and ducts, fuel-gas piping, appliance venting, combustion air, and related requirements.

BIT 1340
Electrical Codes
Not Offered

Studies the National Electrical Code in its entirety. Covers electrical wiring systems, methods, electrical equipment, special occupancies, special equipment, special conditions, and communication systems.

BIT 1380
Ride Along Lab
Not Offered

For students, building inspectors, architects, and builders. Students will accompany a building inspector as he or she conducts on-the-job inspections. There will be a rotation system established to give students experience in a variety of jurisdictions. This class is for fourth-semester students only.

BIT 281R
Cooperative Work Experience
1 to 8:1 to 8:0
Not Offered
BIT 285R the first time only

For Building Inspection Technology majors. Provides paid, on-the-job work experience in the student's major. Work experience, the correlated class, and enrollment are coordinated by the Cooperative Coordinator. Includes student, employer, and coordinator evaluations, on-site work visits, written assignments, and oral presentations. Provides experience in writing and completing individualized work objectives that improve present work performance. Up to 16 credits total between BIT 281R and BIT 285R may be taken toward graduation. May be graded credit/no credit.

BIT 285R
Cooperative Correlated Class
Not Offered
BIT 281R the first time only

For Building Inspection Technology Majors. Identifies on-the-job problems and provides remediation of those problems through in-class discussion and study. Includes the study of identifying and maximizing service opportunities. Students register for this class with approval of the Cooperative Coordinator. Includes lecture, guest speakers, video tapes, role playing, case analysis, oral presentations, and written assignments. Completers should be better able to perform in their field of work or study. Take up to 16 credits total between BIT 281R and BIT 285R.