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ESAF-Emerg Serv Aircraft Resc FF
ESAF 2100
Airport Firefighter
3 Credit Hours

Explores the theories and fundamentals associated with airport rescue fire fighting. Addresses safety, operations and agents associated with aircraft rescue and firefighting procedures. Provides an overview of communications, apparatus, tools and equipment specific to the aerospace emergency service delivery.

ESAF 2110
Aircraft Related Mass Casualty Incidents
3 Credit Hours

Involves the planning, response, mitigation and management of a mass casualty incident resulting from a crashed aircraft. Includes issues relating to medical treatment, triage and transportation. Examines how the command structure functions as well as how operations personnel work on the scene of mass casualty incident.

ESAF 2120
Aircraft Mishaps
3 Credit Hours

Teaches how to locate and use past aircraft accident and mishap data from various government agencies in order to develop relevant lesson plans and training courses for emergency responders. Examines how to research and interpret aircraft mishap data to strengthen emergency service agencies involved in aircraft rescue firefighting. Includes developing or reviewing relevant guidelines, protocols, procedures, and training evolutions based on current mishaps and findings.

ESAF 2140
Airport Operations for the Emergency Responder
3 Credit Hours

Provides an understanding of ground operations, communications, layout, movements and functions in order to operate effectively within the boundaries of an airport. Discusses the complex, unfamiliar setting responders face associated with daily operations of an airport.