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HR-Human Resource Management
HR 3430
Introduction to Human Resource Management
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): ENGL 2010 and University Advanced Standing

Covers labor and management relations, legal issues, job analysis and design, recruiting and selecting, job placement and orientation, training, career planning, EEO, performance appraisal, and employee benefits. Presents tools for the implementation of a human resource management program. Includes class discussions, case studies, videos, oral presentations, written assignments, group projects, and guest speakers. May be delivered online and/or hybrid. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

HR 3530
Employment and Labor Law
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing

Covers employment and labor law, cases, and policy. Includes employment discrimination along with labor relations statutes exploring the link between employment discrimination and traditional labor relations law. Presents tools necessary to formulate and write policy for profit and non-profit organizations. Includes lecture, class discussions, case studies, a service learning project, and guest speakers. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

HR 3550
Organization Development
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): (ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005) and University Advanced Standing; HR 3430 highly recommended

Studies the process of ensuring skills, knowledge, abilities, and performance of the workforce meet current and future individual, team, and organizational needs. Includes the development, implementation, evaluation activities, interventions, and programs that focus on customized organization development (change), performance management, training and development, career development, and other unique employee or employee group needs.

HR 3570
Training and Development
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing; HR 3430 recommended

Studies current models, methods, and skills for training and development designed to improve individual, group, and organizational performance. Examines the organizational role of the training specialist, identifying training needs, maximizing the trainee's learning, evaluating training programs, on-site training methods, off-site training methods, developing and training leaders, management and executive development, and societal concerns. Includes teaching techniques such as lecture, class discussions, small group activities or projects, oral presentations, written assignments, guest speaker, and scholarly dialogue. Includes a semester-long training and development academic service-learning project.

HR 4000
Total Rewards
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): HR 3430 and University Advanced Standing

Studies total reward systems in private and public organizations, which includes examining these systems' wage, salary, and benefits elements. Provides a comprehensive overview of total reward strategies in organizations, discuss relevant compensation models, and review various benefits influences, including laws and regulations. Explores the relationships between employee performance the different intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in total reward systems. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

HR 4010
Total Compensation II--Benefits
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): HR 3430 and University Advanced Standing

Identifies a framework for implementing benefits systems to attract and retain a high performance workforce in a global environment; provides a comprehensive overview of benefits management strategies in organizations; discusses relevant models of compensation; and reviews various benefits influences, including laws and regulations.

HR 4050
Human Resource Information Systems
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): HR 3430 and University Advanced Standing

Provide students with introductory knowledge of Human Resource Information Systems. Examines HR information system adoption, implementation, and the assessment and building of management support to achieve HR strategic objectives.

HR 4060
HR Analytics
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): MGMT 2400, HR 3430, and University Advanced Standing

Explores key metrics, analysis, interpretation and communication tools necessary in developing comprehensive human capital strategies. Enables students to identify, analyze and interpret data to make human resource recommendations for individuals and organizations. Includes exploration of data analysis and presentation skills for human capital research and decision-making for planning, employee selection, compensation, employee survey data, organizational effectiveness and utilization analysis. Canvas Course Mats $45/Cengage applies.

HR 4610
Talent Acquisition and Performance Management
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): HR 3430 and University Advanced Standing

Addresses the key HR functions of planning, staffing, and maintaining a quality workforce. Includes identifying critical specifications for filling positions, recruiting a pool of talent, developing selection methods, and creating desirable person/job matches. Teaches how to evaluate and manage employee performance once individuals enter the organization. Lab access fee of $25 for computers applies.

HR 470G
International Human Resource Management
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): University Advanced Standing

Introduces the field of international human resource management (IHRM). Provides an understanding of global influences on and practices in human resource management in international organizations. Includes globalization, internationalization of HR, cultural influences on HR, global employment law, global talent management, global training, global compensation, international performance evaluations, global human relations, and global employee engagement.

HR 4800
Strategic Human Resource Management
3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): HR 3430, HR 4050, HR 4060, Matriculation into the Woodbury School of Business, and University Advanced Standing

Facilitates students’ understanding of the total alignment of human resource management (HRM) and business strategies. Provides an overview of the role of HRM as a capstone course. Considers the overall design of the HRM infrastructure to enable optimal employee performance relative to the strategic goals of the organization, to achieve competitive advantages. Examines the techniques, policies, processes, strategies, and practices used by companies and / or managers to effectively and efficiently utilize human resources. Teaches theories and practices in multiple HRM areas, including staffing, performance evaluation, work and job design, training, total compensation, the legal environment, labor relations, and megatrends in the external labor market. Provides extensive training to prepare for the aPHR (Associate Professional of Human Resources) exam as a professional certification from the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

HR 495R
Advanced Topics in Strategic Human Resource Management
1 to 3 Credit Hours
Prerequisite(s): Department chair approval and University Advanced Standing.

Provides exposure to emerging current interests in strategic human resource management topics. Topics vary each semester. May be repeated for a maximum of 6 credits toward graduation.