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METO 1010 PP
Introduction to Meteorology
Fall, Spring, Summer

Introduces the study of our atmosphere. Studies the Earth's dynamic weather systems. Covers structure and compositions of the atmosphere; weather patterns; air masses; and types of weather fronts, weather forecasting, and climates. Course fee of $10 for lab applies.

METO 1020
Introduction to Meteorology Laboratory

Provides hands-on experience for students investigating various meteorologic phenomena discussed in METO 1010. Students desiring credit for a science major should take METO 1010 and METO 1020.

METO 1060 PP
Climate of the Earth
On Sufficient Demand

Examines the causes and effects of climate change through the use of geology, meteorology, astronomy, oceanography and biology.

METO 3100
Climate and the Earth System
(CHEM 1110 or CHEM 1210), (MATH 1050 or MATH 1055), GEO 1010, and University Advanced Standing

For students interested in understanding the Earth's dynamic environment. Studies the four major Earth systems that constitute the environment: the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere. Investigates the interdependency of these systems. Explores global warming, ozone depletion, the green house effect, Earth's energy balance and other environmental concerns and discusses important environmental cycles.