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Developmental Mathematics


Name: Developmental Mathematics

LA 217

Telephone: 801-863-6570
Web Address:
Chair: Evelyn Porter

Developmental Mathematics

  • Department Chair: Evelyn Porter
  • Office: LA 217b
  • Telephone: 801-863-6836
  • Email:
  • Administrative Support: TBA
  • Office: LA 217n
  • Telephone: 801-863-6570
  • Email:

The courses offered by the Department of Developmental Mathematics are instrumental in providing a foundation not only for higher level math courses, but also for civic, professional, and personal life. The Department provides an inclusive, engaged learning environment fostering student achievement while improving quantitative literacy. The Department of Developmental Mathematics offers MAT 1000, MAT 1010, MAT 1030, and MAT 1035 as transferable, college credit classes. MAT 1000 and MAT 1010 are also offered as prerequisites for MAT 1030, STAT 1040, MATH 1050, and MATH 1090. The Department of Developmental Mathematics also offers preparatory, non-transferable courses for students who need to strengthen mathematics skills before entering credit-bearing courses.


University College

University College serves a unique role and mission within Utah Valley University. Based on a national model, the name University College signifies opportunity for student success through curricular and co-curricular offerings, academic services and innovative programs. University College welcomes students at present levels of academic achievement and challenges them with higher expectations. The programs and departments of Literacies and Composition, Student Leadership & Success Studies, Developmental Mathematics, English Language Learning, the University College Advisement Center, Academic Standards, Writing Center, Academic Tutoring, and the Math Lab promote interdisciplinary partnerships as students transition into university academics.

  Dean: Forrest Williams

  Administrative Support: Beth Winkler

  • Associate Dean: Deborah Marrott
  • Office: LA 210e
  • Telephone: 801-863-8823
  • Email: