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Engineering Technology



Engineering Technology


CS 632




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Tyler Bird


Mission Statement

The Mission of the Engineering Technology Department is to prepare graduates to work in high demand, very technical, vastly diverse, automated industries that provide products and services to keep our state and national economy running. The Mechatronics graduates are focused on designing the newest machines and automated systems. The Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology graduates keep industry running by fixing, adapting, programming, integrating, and maintaining highly technical automated machines and systems.  The Engineering Technology Department uses a hands on engaged learning approach utilizing real industrial equipment. 


Electrical Automation & Robotics Technology

  • Program Coordinator:   Diana Lundahl
  • Telephone: 801-863-6970
  • Email:
  • Administrative Contact:  Danielle Butler
  • Telephone: 801-836-5571
  • Email:
  • Mailstop: 151
  • Advisor: Chelsey Chalk
  • Telephone: 801-863-8648
  • Email:


Advisory Committee:

Jeff Duncan, Anadarko Petroleum Corp; Nasir Khan, BD Medical; Steve Heaps, Codale Electric Supply, Inc; Shawn Beck, Dannon; Samuel Duncan, IM Flash Technologies; Kent Angell, Nestle;; Ryan Park, Precision Automated Technology; Don Root, Precision Systems Engineering; Scott Seals, RioTinto; Tom Wright, Syscon Automation Group, LLC; Shane Williams, US Synthetic; Troy Cooley, Chevron; Evan Woody, Elite Automation; Chris Keller, Fiero Fluid Power; William Fitzgerald, JR Automation SetPoint; Joe VanDenBerghe, JR Automation Setpoint; Janet Litley, JR Simplot; Dan Bell, Kimberly- Clark; Dave Thompson, Kimberly- Clark; JR Christensen, Lyly W. Williams Co.; Caleb Rowley, Purple; Mike Hansen, Rockwell Automation


Five options are available: Certificate of Proficiency in Electrical and Control Technology CA, Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS), Associate in Science Degree (AS) in Electrical Automation and Robotics Technology, Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechatronics Engineering Technology, or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Technology Management.


Mechatronics Engineering Technology

  • Program Coordinator:
  • Scott Walker
  • Telephone: 801-863-5671
  • Email:
  • Advisor:
  • Chelsey Chalk
  • Telephone: 801-863-8648
  • Email: 

Advisory Committee:

Michael Quayle, Autoliv; Perter Ranthjen, Autoliv; Todd Russell, IM Flash; Don Root, Precision Systems Engineering


Two options are available: Associate in Applied Science Degree (AAS), and Bachelor of Science (BS) in Mechatronics Engineering Technology

Laptop Requirement

Laptop will be required for all MECH courses. Please see Mechatronics advisor for details.


Degrees & Programs