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Finance, Minor


The Minor in Finance is intended for graduates from other disciplines to learn the basic analytical skills of financial management, investment, and related financial services industry functions.

Total Program Credits: 18

Discipline Core Requirements: 9 Credits
  ECON 2010 Principles of Economics I SS 3
  MGMT 2340 Business Statistics I 3
or STAT 2040 Principles of Statistics QL (4)  
  FIN 3100 Principles of Finance 3
Elective Requirements: 9 Credits
 Choose nine hours from the following courses: 9
  MGMT 3345 Business Statistics II (3)  
  FIN 3150 Financial Management (3)  
  FIN 3400 Investment Management (3)  
  FIN 4100 Management of Financial Institutions (3)  
  FIN 4160 Portfolio Management (3)  
  FIN 4170 Derivative Securities (3)  
  FIN 4180 International Finance Management  (3)  
  FIN 4190 Applied Asset Diversification and Management  (3)  
  FIN 5130 Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling (3)  

Graduation Plan

This graduation plan is a sample plan and is intended to be a guide. Your specific plan may differ based on your Math and English placement and/or transfer credits applied. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor and set up an individualized graduation plan in Wolverine Track.

Semester 1 Course Title Credit Hours
ECON 2010 Principles of Economics I SS 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 2 Course Title Credit Hours
MGMT 2340 or STAT 2040 Business Statistics I or Principles of Statistics QL 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 3 Course Title Credit Hours
FIN 3100 Principles of Finance 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 4 Course Title Credit Hours
Choose nine hours of the following: 9
FIN 3150 Financial Management (3)  
FIN 3400 Investment Management (3)  
FIN 4100 Management of Financial Institutions (3)  
FIN 4160 Portfolio Management (3)  
FIN 4170 Derivative Securities (3)  
FIN 4180 International Finance Management (3)  
FIN 4190 Applied Asset Diversification and Management (3)  
FIN 5130 Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling (3)  
MGMT 3345 Business Statistics II (3)  
  Semester total: 9
  Degree total: 18


Finance and Economics

The Finance and Economics department is in the Woodbury School of Business. To find the most up-to-date information, including Program Learning Outcomes for degree programs offered by the Finance-Economics department, visit their website.

Finance and Economics department

Program Details

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Students will be effective at corporate financial management.
  2. Students will be knowledgeable of the valuation of certain asset classes.
  3. Students will be knowledgeable of financial statement analysis and understand how financial statements can be used to evaluate and value a business.
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