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Languages, Minor


The Minor in Languages requires 9 credits upper division course work in one language and 11 credits of intermediate level course work in another language (prerequisites will vary from student to student).

Total Program Credits: 20

Matriculation Requirements:

  1. Complete ENGL 2010 Intermediate Academic Writing CC and 30 hours of college-level courses other than Language courses with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  2. Complete lower-division courses (1010, 1020, 2010, and 202G/2020) in one foreign language or receive the equivalent through experiential credit (does not apply to native speakers).
  3. Be admitted to a bachelor degree program at UVU.
  4. Courses taken for credit in the Languages minor may not apply to any other program. See Advisor.
Discipline Core Requirements: 20 Credits
Language 1:  
  A 3050 course in any foreign language 3
  6 credits numbered higher than 3050 in the same language  6
or LANG 3000   Language and Culture LH (6)  
  Eleven credits in courses numbered 2000 or higher in a SECOND foreign language.  11

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Completion of Baccalaureate Degree.
  2. Any grade below a "C" (2.0) in a Languages Minor course will not be accepted.

Graduation Plan

This graduation plan is a sample plan and is intended to be a guide. Your specific plan may differ based on your Math and English placement and/or transfer credits applied. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor and set up an individualized graduation plan in Wolverine Track.

Semester 1 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #1) 3050 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 2 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #1) Elective 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 3 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #1) Elective 3
  Semester total: 3
Semester 4 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #2) 2010 4
  Semester total: 4
Semester 5 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #2) 202G 4
  Semester total: 4
Semester 6 Course Title Credit Hours
(Language #2) 3050 3
  Semester total: 3
  Degree total: 20


Languages and Cultures

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