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Spanish for the Professions--Translation/Interpreting, Minor


Students in the Minor in Spanish for the Professions, Translation, and Interpreting will become familiar with Spanish terminology and different oral and written documents in Spanish from a variety of professional fields. This minor will also provide students with the opportunity to acquire translation and interpreting skills between Spanish and English.

Total Program Credits: 21

Matriculation Requirements:  
  1. Complete ENGL 2010 Intermediate Academic Writing CC and 30 hours of college-level courses other than Spanish with a minimum GPA of 2.0
  2. Complete lower division Spanish courses (1010, 1020, 2010, and 202G) or receive the equivalent through experiential credit (does not apply to native speakers).
  3. Admitted to a bachelor degree program at UVU.
Discipline Core Requirements: 15
Complete one of the following: 3
  SPAN 3030 Spanish Conversation and Composition I (3)  
and SPAN 3040 Spanish Conversation and Composition II WE (3)  
or SPAN 3050 Advanced Spanish LH WE (3)  
  SPAN 4110 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting English and Spanish 3
  SPAN 4120 Advanced Translation English-Spanish 3
  SPAN 4130 English-Spanish Interpreting (3)  
Choose 6 credit hours from the following: 6
  SPAN 3200 Business Spanish LH (3)  
  SPAN 3310 Spanish for Healthcare Professionals (3)  
  SPAN 3320 Spanish for Mental Health Professionals (3)  
  SPAN 3340 Spanish for Tourism and Hospitality Management (3)  
  SPAN 3350 Spanish for Legal Professions (3)  
  SPAN 4200 Advanced Business Spanish (3)  
  SPAN 4310 Healthcare Interpreting English-Spanish (3)  
Elective Requirements: 6
  Complete 6 credits from this list  
  SPAN 3116  Pop Culture-Film/Media/Entertainment (3)  
  SPAN 3117  Breaking Down Walls-Building Identities (3)  
  SPAN 3118 Literature and Film-Contemporary issues (3)  
  SPAN 315R Advanced Spanish Conversation (1)  
  SPAN 3220 Pronunciation Phonetics and Phonology (3)  
  SPAN 351G Culture and Civilization--Spain GI (3)  
  SPAN 352G Culture and Civilization--Spanish America GI (3)  
  SPAN 3610 Spanish Peninsular Literature to 1800 (3)  
  SPAN 3620 Spanish Peninsular Literature from 1800 (3)  
  SPAN 3630 Spanish American Literature to 1880 (3)  
  SPAN 3640 Spanish American Literature from 1880 (3)  
  SPAN 3690 Spanish and Latin American Cultures through Cinema (3)  
  SPAN 380R Community Engagement in Spanish (3)  
  SPAN 4050 Topics in Grammar Usage and Style WE (3)  
  SPAN 4100 Teaching Spanish Grammar (3)  
  SPAN 412R Spanish for the Professions (3)  
  SPAN 4130 English-Spanish Interpreting (3)  
  SPAN 4410 Spanish Linguistics (3)  
  SPAN 460R Topics in Hispanic Literature (3)  
  SPAN 484R Special Topics in Hispanic Studies (1-3)  
  SPAN 4900 Capstone Seminar (3)  
  LANG 3000  Language and Culture LH (3)  
  LANG 3010 Introduction to Linguistics (3)  
  LANG 312R National Cinema History (3)  
  LANG 4200 Methods of Teaching a Foreign Language (3)  
  LANG 450R Translation Technology (3)  
  LANG 481R Language Internship (1-8)  
  LANG 490R Special Topics in Languages (1-3)  

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Completion of Baccalaureate Degree.
  2. Any grade below a "C" (2.0) in a Spanish Minor course will not be accepted.
  3. Up to 6 credits may be applied to both this program and the Spanish or Spanish Education.

Graduation Plan

This graduation plan is a sample plan and is intended to be a guide. Your specific plan may differ based on your Math and English placement and/or transfer credits applied. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor and set up an individualized graduation plan in Wolverine Track.

Semester 1 Course Title Credit Hours
SPAN 3030 & SPAN 3040 Spanish Conversation and Composition I and Spanish Conversation and Composition II WE 3
or SPAN 3050 or Advanced Spanish LH WE  
  Semester total: 3
Semester 2 Course Title Credit Hours
SPAN 4110 Introduction to Translation and Interpreting English-Spanish 3
Six credits upper-division SPAN Electives 6
  Semester total: 9
Semester 3 Course Title Credit Hours
SPAN 4120 Advanced Translation English-Spanish 3
Six credits upper-division SPAN Electives  6
  Semester total: 9
  Degree total: 21


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Languages and Cultures department

Program Details

Program Learning Outcomes
  1. Develop interpreting competencies.
  2. Develop translation competencies.
  3. Develop professional competencies for the language services industry.
  4. Strengthen Spanish-English language skills for specific fields.
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