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Phil Matheson


Mission Statement

The whole universe is a fair topic for study in physics. No facet is too small or too big to be considered. Physics is the assembly and application of the rational rules by which nature operates. Every action is played out according to its rules. Physicists seek to learn these rules and often apply them in solving problems in technology and in the environment

Physicists are valued for their ability to rationally approach complex problems and to construct practical solutions. They find fulfilling and satisfying employment not only in the academic world of teaching and research, but in business, industry, consulting and government. Typically half of all BS Physics degree recipients enter the work force immediately in such occupations as those just listed. The rest continue on to graduate school, not only in physics, but in engineering, computer science, medicine and even law or business programs.

Physicists and those trained in physics have been extraordinarily successful in the development of modern industries, including seminal innovations in electronics, optics, computer science, and in energy industries.

Physics at UVU is a very personal endeavor. The small size of our department means that a physics major will benefit by working closely with faculty and fellow students. The faculty will often act as personal tutors and mentors, providing opportunities in research and problem solving that may be more difficult to obtain in a larger department. Access to all the requisite computing facilities and research equipment is available. Our program seeks to match our students’ interests and meet the requirements of future employers.

In addition to a sound understanding of basic physics, our students gain skills in

  • Rational problem solving and logic
  • Computational skills
  • Computer programming
  • Numerical analysis
  • Instrumentation, data collection and analysis
  • Electronics
  • Writing and presentation skills


  • Advisor: Tom Liljegren
  • Office: PS 201a
  • Telephone: 801-863-8616
  • Email: TLiljegren@uvu.ed

  • Administrative Support:
    Kellie D. Hancock
  • Office: PS 207
  • Telephone: 801-863-6295
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