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Collision Repair Technology, A.A.S.


Collision Repair Technology is a two year AAS Degree program that provides students with the ability to learn industries best practices in Surface Preparation, Nonstructural Repair, Welding, Refinishing, Color Matching, Detailing, Blending, Structural Damage Analysis, Repair and Replacement, Advanced Vehicle Systems diagnostics and repair and Plastic/Composite Repair. Students will graduate with industry certifications, such as I-Car, ASE, Mitchells, Audatex, CCC One, and Chief Training. These skills will prepare graduates for and exciting career in a field that is continually advancing in technology. There is an abundance of growth and personal development possible in this field. The program is certified by the National Automotive Teacher Education Foundation (NATEF) and uses Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (I-CAR) curriculum. Students will receive the latest repair technique training and have the ability to gain I-CAR certifications. Jobs are waiting for you to complete your training!

Total Program Credits: 64

General Education Requirements 16 Credits
  MKTG 220G Written Business Communication GI WE 3
or ENGL 1010 Introduction to Academic Writing CC  
or ENGH 1005 Literacies and Composition Across Contexts CC  
Complete one of the following:
  AUT 1260 Tech Math for Mechanics (3) 3
or MAT 1010 Intermediate Algebra (4)  
or MATH 1050 College Algebra QL (4)  
or Any higher MAT or MATH course.  
Any approved Humanities, Fine Arts, or Foreign Language Distribution Course
Any approved Behavioral Science, Social, or Political Science Distribution Course
Any approved Biology or Physical Science Distribution Course
Any approved Physical Education, Health, Safety or Environment Course
Discipline Core Requirements: 48 Credits
  AUT 1160 Automotive Electrical Systems 2
  AUT 116L Automotive Electrical Systems Lab 1
  AUT 2240 Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory Modified Course 2
  AUT 224L Automotive HVAC Lab 1
  CRT 1110 Surface Preparation 2
  CRT 111L Surface Preparation Lab 1
  CRT 1120 Nonstructural Repair 2
  CRT 112L Nonstructural Repair Lab 1
  CRT 1130 Overall Refinishing and Problem Solving 2
  CRT 113L Overall Refinishing and Problem Solving Lab 1
  CRT 1140 Panel Replacement and Adjustment 2
  CRT 114L Panel Replacement and Adjustment Lab 1
  CRT 1210 Blending Tinting and Detailing 2
  CRT 121L Blending Tinting and Detailing Lab 1
  CRT 1230 Welding and Cutting 2
  CRT 123L Welding and Cutting Lab 1
or CRT 281R Cooperative Work Experience - Internship (1-8) 1  
or CRT 285R Cooperative Correlated Class - Internship (1) 1  
or CRT 299R Skills USA (1) (optional)  
  CRT 2310 Collision Damage Reporting 2
  CRT 231L Collision Damage Reporting Lab 1
  CRT 2320 Structural Damage Analysis 2
  CRT 232L Structural Damage Analysis Lab 1
  CRT 2330 Structural Repair 2
  CRT 233L Structural Repair Lab 1
  CRT 2340 Full and Partial Panel Replacement 2
  CRT 234L Full and Partial Panel Replacement Lab 1
  CRT 2400 Plastic Paintless Dent Repair 2
  CRT 240L Plastic PaintLess Dent Repair Lab 1
  CRT 2440 Mechanical Advanced Vehicle Systems 2
  CRT 244L Mechanical Advanced Vehicle Systems Lab 1
  CRT 2450 Bags Brakes Steering 2
  CRT 245L Bags Brakes Steering Lab 1
  CRT 2360 Detailing and Custom Painting 2
  CRT 263L Detailing and Custom Painting Lab 1


  1. Cooperative Education courses may be used in place of some of the laboratory or shop classes for completion of AAS requirements. Approval of the program coordinator must be secured before class enrollment.

Graduation Plan

See department advisor for graduation plan.


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