Great Colleges to Work For - Actions from CET

2023 Great Colleges to Work For Report Campus-wide

Great Colleges to Work For is an employee satisfaction and engagement survey administered byModernThink. It was sent to all full-time employees from February 20 to March 10, 2023. UVU has administered this survey five other times since 2012. This year, 971 out of 2,279 employees completed the survey, which gives us a 43% completion rate and a 2.4% margin of error. View the 2023 survey results now

CET Actions Based on Survey Input

View the CET Great Colleges to Work For Action Plan for 2023 (pdf)

The CET Dean's Office is working hard to encourage three main values across the college: truth, trust, and transparency.   To this end, the CET Dean meets with each department chair one-on-one for at least an hour monthly.  We also have monthly college wide chair's meetings where issues can be discussed.   We additionally have student representatives from each department that report up to our CET student senator. The whole of that student group is known as the CET Student Advisory Committee and they meet monthly with the CET Dean's Office to offer student insights, perhspectives, and recommendations.  We want all of our emloyees and students to know their voices are important, heard, and acted upon.   

CET employees can view some of the actions being taken based in feedback by visiting our internal CET - Faculty Staff, Adjuncts Teams channel.  Additionally CET distributes a monthly Dean's Notes email that goes to all CET employees. Our goal with this newsletter is to address college wide concerns and questions as well as to communicate broadly information we feel may be pertinent to all about campus-wide or college decisions, protocols, procedures, or information.  CET emloyees are welcome to bring their concerns as well to any employee in the CET Dean's Office