Other Helpful Campus Resources for Employees

Teaching Resources

Office of Teaching and Learning Faculty Resource List (campus wide): A list of resources from across campus that may be useful to faculty.

See also Office of Teaching and Learning faculty resource list #2 (teaching and assessment based)

New Faculty Resources: A list from Academic Affairs of resources for new faculty.

Scholarly & Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team: SCULPT is a resource for teaching through inquiry-based learning.  Inquiry-based learning is research, scholarship, and creative activity inside and outside the classroom.

Early Alert System for Helping Students at Risk of Failing: If a student in your class is performing poorly enough that they are at apparent risk of failing the class, please follow the link above to have those students contacted by a Student Success Specialist from the office of First-Year Experience & Student Retention so that we can offer timely intervention and resources early enough to help the student pass the course.

Statistics (Departments, College, Campus)

For public facing information, the best place to start is UVU's Office of Business Intelligence and Research Services (BIRS).  Within that, below are the best links to start with:

Academic Programs - Information on Students, Enrollments, Courses, and Graduates 

UVU Performanc Measures 

General statistical information about UVU overall