Comittee members have worked hard to make sure that i-ETC can happen and create an impact that will help fuel the knowledge and ideas of generations to come.

Executive Chairs

Portrait of Mohammad A.S. Masoum (UVU)

Mohammad A.S. Masoum (UVU)

General Chair

Portrait of Stephen Schultz (BYU)

Stephen Schultz (BYU)

General Co-Chair

Portrait of Rose Hu (USU)

Rose Hu (USU)

General Co-Chair

Portrait of Saeed Moaveni (UVU)

Saeed Moaveni (UVU)

Advisory Chair

Portrait of Kazem Sohraby (UVU)

Kazem Sohraby (UVU)

Advisory Chair

Portrait of Susan Dunn (UVU)

Susan Dunn (UVU)

Finance Chair & Treasurer

Portrait of Susan Dunn (UVU)

Stefan Harlan (UVU)

Sponsorship Chair & Industry Laison

Program Chairs

Portrait of Afsaneh Minaie (UVU)

Afsaneh Minaie (UVU)

Program Technical Chair (Engineering)

Portrait of Masood Parvania (U of U)

Masood Parvania (U of U)

Program Technical Chair (Engineering)

Portrait of Paul Morrey (UVU)

Paul Morrey (UVU)

Program Technical Chair (Technology)

Portrait of Jingpeng Tang (UVU)

Jingpeng Tang (UVU)

Program Technical Chair (Computing)

Portrait of John Edwards (USU)

John Edwards (USU)

Program Technical Chair (Computing)

Supporting Chairs

Portrait of Chad Kidder (IEEE)

Chad Kidder (IEEE)

Publicity and Public Relations Chair

Portrait of Dan Hatch (UVU)

Dan Hatch (UVU)

Web Chair

Portrait of Chris Perry (UVU)

Chris A. Perry (IEEE)

Sponsorship Chair and Industry Laison

Portrait of Rawan AlNsour (UVU)

Rawan Al-Nsour (UVU)

Exhibition Committee Chair

Portrait of Chris Perry

Matthew Jensen (UVU)

Registration Committee Chair

Portrait of Amanda Bordelon (UVU)

Amanda Bordelon (UVU)

Women in Engineering Chair

Portrait of Ehsan Rohani (UVU)

Ehsan Rohani (UVU)

Publication Chair

Portrait of Kim Bartholomew (UVU)

Kim Bartholomew (UVU)

Local Arrangements Committee Chair

Portrait of Masood Amin (UVU)

Masood Amin (UVU)

Exhibition Committee Chair

Portrait of Reza Sanati (UVU)

Reza Sanati (UVU)

Panel Session/Tutorial Chair

Conference Technical Committee

Mohammad A.S. Masoum (Chair)

Utah Valley University, USA 

Professor Wei Wang

San Diego State University, USA

Professor Syed Islam
Federation University, Australia

Professor Regan Zane
Utah State University, USA

Professor Zann Anderson
Utah Valley University, USA

Professor Xiangjing Su
Shanghai University of Electric Power, China

Professor Paul Moses
University of Oklahoma, USA

Professor Farhad Shahnia

Murdoch University, Australia  

Professor Peter Wolfs
Central Queensland University, Australia

Professor Adel Ali
St. Cloud State University, USA

Professor Reza Razzaghi
Monash University, Australia

Professor Neil Harrison
Utah Valley University, USA

Professor Mahdi Bojnordi

University of Utah, USA

Professor Baigen Cai
Beijing Jiaotong University, China

Professor Yuri Tijerino
Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan

Professor Daryoush Habibi
Edith Cowan University, Australia