The Computing Conference track gives students, faculty, and industry participants the opportunities to interact in a local forum. Attendees will learn about current research and industry best practices for product development, testing, deployment, and operation. Topics in this track will include:

  • Computing Trends

    Database Systems; UX and Visualization; e‑Business, e‑Learning and  e‑Government; Modeling and Simulation; Data Science; Computing Education and Recruitment; Computing Frontiers.

  • Software Engineering

    Software Design and Design Patterns; Software Reliability, Safety and Security Methods; Software Engineering Methodologies; Software Testing; Evaluation and Analysis Technologies.

  • Intelligent Systems

    Artificial Intelligence; Machine Learning and Deep Learning; Cognitive Computing; Information and Knowledge Engineering; Data Mining; Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition.

  • Medicine and Healthcare

    Bioinformatics; Health Informatics; Biomedical Engineering and Sciences; Medical Image Processing and Object Recognition.

  • Security

    Privacy; Internet Security; Cryptography; Secure Storage and Transactions.

  • Communication

    Parallel and Distributed Computing; Internet of Things; Wireless/Mobile Communication; Cloud Computing.

  • Capstone Projects and Undergraduate Research in Computer Science

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