The Education in Engineering, Technology, and Computing Conference track gives students and faculty participants the opportunities to interact in a local forum. Attendees will learn about current research and best practices for higher education. Topics in this track will include:

  • Advancing Teaching and Learning

    Effective Teaching Activities; Challenges due to COVID-19; Learning Methodologies and Practices; Teaching Experiences and Pedagogies; Professional Development; Interdisciplinary Education; Engaging Undergraduate Students in Research; K-12 Education Initiatives; Industry and Education Collaboration

  • Technology in Teaching and Learning

    Innovation Strategies; Infrastructure Technologies; Digital Learning Materials;  Online and Distance Learning; Smart Classrooms; Virtual and Remote Labs; Social Media Techniques; Game-Based Learning 

  • Accreditation and Assessment

    Curriculum Design and Development; Accreditation and Quality Control; Assessment and Evaluation; Retention and Support Strategies;  Educational Innovation, International Experiences; Role of Laboratories 

  • Diversity and Inclusion Issues

    Academic Leadership, Diversity, and Inclusion; Assessing Diversity and Inclusion Programs; Skills Development and Competencies; Challenges Facing International Students, Faculty, and Staff; Professional and Ethical Responsibility; Supporting First-generation College Students; Retention of Women and Gender Equality

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