The Engineering Conference track gives students, faculty, and industry participants the opportunities to interact in a local forum. Attendees will learn about current research and industry best practices for product development, testing, deployment, and operation .Topics in this track will include:

  • Energy Systems

    Smart Grid; Power Systems Operation and Planning; Sustainable and Renewable Energy Systems; Power Electronics; Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Storage; Energy Consumption Modeling and Optimization; Energy and Environmental Engineering.

  • Control Systems

    Concrete Design; Construction Innovations; Instrumentation and Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Information Modeling; Sustainable Solutions and Practices.

  • Communication and Computer Engineering

    Smart Computer Networks and Communication; Mobile and Wireless Networks; Embedded Systems; Wireless Sensor Networks and Applications; Signal Processing; Image Processing and Vision.

  • Electronics and Circuits

    Smart Circuits and Systems; VLSI Design; Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology; Optical Communication.

  • Mechanical Engineering

    Heat Transfer; Fluid Mechanics; Thermodynamics; Mechanisms and Robotics; Mechanical Design; Mechanics and Mechatronics.

  • Material Science and Engineering

    Smart Materials; Innovative Engineering Materials; Materials Design and Applications; Composite Materials Science and Technology; Nanomaterials; Materials and Manufacturing Engineering.

  • Civil and Enviornmental Engineering

    Unique Design or Construction Case Studies; Construction Innovations;
    Enviornmental Engineering; Water Resources; Water Resources; Hydrolic Information; Geotech, Water and Air Quality Studies; Instrumentation and Remote Sensing; Geographic Information Systems; Building Information Modeling; New Construction Materials; Sustainable Solutions and Practices

  • Capstone Projects and Undergraduate Research in Engineering

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