The Technology Conference track offers the widest variety of fields, including IS&T, Digital Media, Architecture, Automotive and other related fields. Students, faculty and industry participants have an opportunity to interact in a local forum. Attendees will learn about current research and industry best practices for product development, testing, deployment, and operation. Topics in this track will include:

  • Technology Design

    Architecture; Drafting; Survey & Mapping, Drone Surveying; 3D Printing & Prototyping; UX Digital Product Design; Civil Engineering; Web & Digital Platforms; Human Centered Design; Mobile App; Accident Reconstruction

  • Digital Media

    Digital Animation; Game Development; Digital Cinema Production; Cinematography; Directing; Post-Production; Digital Photography; 360° Photography & Video; Digital Audio; Music Editing & Production; Home Automation & Internet of Things (IOT); VX Voice Experience Design & Development; Digital, Web, Interface & Experience Design

  • Information Technology

    Networking & Data Communications; Cybersecurity; Network Administration and Security; Virtualization; Automated Testing & Monitoring; Computer Forensics & Security; Healthcare Information Systems; Project Management; Product Management; Facilities

  • Aerospace Technology and Management

    Propulsion Systems; Fixed Wing, Helicopter, Advanced Air Mobility, UAS, Space Vehicle Technology; Maintenance Concepts; Technician Training; Safety Management; Airline & Airport Operations, Route Planning; Aviation Business Management; Security; Flight Training; Corporate and Airline Pilot Operations

  • Industrial Automation, Power, and Control

    Designing & Maintaining Automated Systems & Machines; Control System Programming; Protecting Critical Cyber Systems; Robotics in Manufacturing; Integrating Automation Solutions; Automated Safety Systems; Power System Protection & Control Solutions; Electrical Safety & Arc-Flash Hazard Reduction; Smart Sensors & Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT)

  • Transportation & Automotive

    Diesel Sytems; Automotive Technology; Collision Repair; Power Sport; Street Rod; Vehicle Electrification

  • Mixed Reality

    Augmented Reality; Virtual Reality; Hybrid Reality; Mixed Reality Visual and Audio; MR Simulations, 3D Modeling; Training Simulations; Drone Surveying and Automation

  • Technology Management

    Entrepreneurship; Training and Education; Business Intelligence Systems; Business & Marketing Education

  • Capstone Projects and Undergraduate Research in Technology

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