Technician by Expertise

Merrill Oveson (Full Time)

  • Database, database creation, data parsing, RDBMSes
  • SQL
  • Coding languages: HTML, PHP, Javascript, Python
  • Web Dev (Omni CMS)
  • Canvas
  • Purchasing

Trevor Durham (Full Time)

  • Apple, Mac, Mac Software, Mac OS
  • Mixed Reality, Virtual reality, augmented reality, VR Integration
  • JAMF, Mac Software Deployment
  • Software Purchasing, ATSC, Accessibility
  • Digital Signage
  • DGM Infrastructure

Andrew Stewart (Full Time)

  • Engineering Software installation
  • SCCM (Application and image management)
  • Advanced system troubleshooting and repair
  • Virtual Machine creation and management
  • Server Support and Administration
  • Residential/SOHO network design and implementation
  • Security Vulnerabilities and Mitigation
  • Apple hardware diagnosis and repair

Jacob Stephens (Part Time)

  • Desktop/laptop Support & Inventory Management
  • Technical Specialist in Transportation Area (Automotive and Aviation)
  • Customer Support Specialist
  • Troubleshooting Specialist

Ryan Jensen (Full Time)

  • Systems engineer – on-prem/cloud data privacy systems
  • BS - Network administration and security
  • Programing languages – Python, PHP, Regex, Batch, Bash, Powershell
  • VSphere/Citrix Lab Management (PAAS/IAAS systems)
  • SCCM/JAMF specialist

Sterling Sharp (Full Time)

  • Windows and Linux Server Infrastructure Support
  • VSphere VM Server Management
  • SCCM Application and Task Sequence Management
  • Citrix Application Management
  • Information Systems Security Support

Gabe Entrekin (Part Time)

  • SCCM Management(App Building/Deployment/Task Sequence Management)
  • VSphere/Vritual Machine Support and Administration
  • Server Software Support and OS Administration
  • Server Hardware Setup and Support

Jonathan Fimbo (Part Time)

  • Technical Support desktops/laptops

Jackson Lohman (Part Time)

  • Technical Support desktops/laptops
  • Linux
  • Server Administration
  • Programming Languages: Python & Java