CET Software

Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

UVU has partnered with Microsoft to bring students, staff and faculty many microsoft products.

Click on this link to access this new program: Microsoft Azure Dev for Teaching

To Register Your Microsoft Account:

  1. Go to Azure Dev Tools for Teaching
  2. Click "Sign In"
  3. Click "Create one!"
  4. Enter your UVID with an @uvu.edu e.g.: uvid@uvu.edu
  5. Create a memorable password.
  6. Verify your email by entering the code emailed to you.
  7. To use the software, the terms and conditions need to be agreed to.
  8. When you "re-sign in", pick "Work or School"
  9. You will now be able to use available software.

OnTheHub (College of Engineering and Technology)

Many Departments within the College of Engineering and Technology have paid subscriptions to provide its students with a vast array of other non-Microsoft software to assist in their technical education.

Thanks to  OnTheHub webstore software is readily available to students, faculty, and staff.  All software can be found at the OnTheHub webstore and falls under an academic licensing agreement.

Check with your department to see you're eligible for a subscription.  Currently, the following departments have subscriptions for VMWare: CS, DGM and IS&T.

Student/Staff/Faculty Access (CS, DGM, IS&T)

  • Students should receive an email in their myUVU account after the semester starts informing them that their account has been created and how to access it.
  • If you do not get an email, first check your spam folder, then send an email to: if it is not there.  Check to make sure you are using your myUVU email address ({UVID}@my.uvu.edu).  

OnTheHub (UVU)

The University as a whole has its own subscription to OnTheHub as well.  Students/Faculty/Staff are eligible to logon and download a vast array of software, either for free or at a deeply discounted price.

Click on UVU OnTheHub webstore to see what's available.  Remember all software downloaded falls under an academic licensing agreement.

For technical help please contact the UVU Service Desk

myUVU (my.uvu.edu)

UVU has a selection of free software available to students for direct download through myUVU.

Some of the programs available are:

  • Office 365
  • WinDVD
  • Corel Suite

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Sign in to myUVU
  2. Click on "STUDENTS" if you're a student or "EMPLOYEES" if you're either faculty or staff in the left menu bar.  
  3. Notice the drop down menu.  Click on "Technology Services and Support" in this drop down menu.
  4. A section called "SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS" will appear on the right side of the page.  Also notice "Office 365" in the lower left hand side.

Note: you can also go directly to: download.uvu.edu

Runs software via a web browser.  Software available includes Microsoft Office products and other misc software such as SPSS, StatSE, NVivo and RStudio.

Virtual Lab requires the Citrix Receiver to run.  Upon launching this site, you will be guided through the installation process.