Faculty Guidelines

Getting IT Help

Media Service Ext: 1111

  • Teacher station issues.
  • Projector/Document camera issues.
  • Streaming cameras.
  • Lab audio issues.

CET IT Support Ext: 8508 CS 716

  • Faculty laptops/desktop support.
  • Printer support.
  • Internet connection.
  • Lab software requests/installments.
  • Lab computer support
  • Server support
  • Computer orders
  • Lost and found
  • Surplus

Central IT (Service Desk) Ext: 8888 LA Main Concourse

  • Microsoft Authenticator (two-factor authentication).
  • MS Teams support.
  • Student machines support.

OTL Ext: 8255

  • Canvas Support.
  • Canvas email questions

UVU Approval

All software must have UVU approval which includes Accessibility, Academic, Security and Legal approval.  If you need a new software or you have a software that has yet to go through the UVU approval process, please go to the following website to submit a software request: UVU Software Acquisition

Getting a Virtual Machine

Requesting for a Virtual Machine (VM)

  1. All requests for VM must come from a faculty member.  This is to ensure that the VM requested is a legitimate request.
  2. Please list:
    1. OS (Ubuntu, Centos, Windows 10, Windows Server, etc)  Linux VMs do not have GUI.
    2. HD space – 60 GB max for Windows, Linux 25 GB max
    3. RAM – 4 GB max for Windows, 2 GB max for Linux
  3. No graphics capabilities
  4. Software: students or faculty will need to install their own software.  (We can offer some consulting/assistance.)

 Students need to learn how to setup/configure and install software for their projects.  😊

 VMs for student projects are deleted after the end of each semester, unless an exception is requested.

You can expect your VM within one week, but there are no guarantees. 😊

Computers for Faculty and Staff

The Smith College of Engineering & Technology typically provides each Engineering and Technology full-time faculty and staff member with a computer upon hire.

Computers will be distributed as follows:

  • if the new faculty/staff member is replacing a faculty/staff member who is leaving the new faculty/staff member "inherits" the computer of person who has left.
  • if the new faculty/staff member is filling a new position, the new faculty/staff member is eligible for a new computer.
  • if a faculty/staff member has a computer that is out of warranty he/she is eligible for a new computer.

If a faculty/staff member is eligible for a new computer:

  • Please speak to someone in IT Support, preferably Blake Riding, to decide of what computer works best for you.
  • Someone in IT Support will help you fill out the equipment request form
  • This form will need to be signed by your department chair or supervisor.  It will also need to show the budget index your department chair or supervisor wishes to use.
  • You can choose whatever computer you want - just so long as it is a Lenovo or an Apple.  Go to Wolverine MarketPlace, then Computer Shop to see a list of available options.
    • If you don't see the computer you want listed on MarketPlace, contact TC Support.  We can help you order something else - just so long as it's a Lenovo or an Apple.
  • Turn form in to Blake Riding in CS716, who will see to it that the computer gets ordered through UVU's MarketPlace.

New computers will come with minimum 3 year warranty.

If you need a computer which is not a Lenovo or an Apple, a Technology Standards Exception form must also be completed with the appropriate approval form:

  • the Department Chair
  • the Director of IT Services in the College of Technology and Computing
  • the Director of Academic Computing or CIO. 

An employee’s department may purchase computer peripherals for their department employees at their discretion.  These often include keyboards, mice and monitors.

For more detail please review the Service Level Agreement for Faculty, Staff and Guests listed at the bottom of this page.

Software for Faculty and Staff

The Smith College of Engineering & Technology provides and supports a standard ("the software standard") set of software titles for both MAC and PC based computers.  This support includes  installation and functional support (i.e. software properly installed and working) of the software standard.  It does not include purchase.  IT Services can facilitate the purchase of software.  Any software package not available through UVU must be purchased through a department chair.  IT services is not obligated to install or support non-standard software.  In such cases, a "best effort" will be made by IT Services.  A list of the software standard can be viewed in The Wolverine Marketplace

For more detail please review the Service Level Agreement for Faculty, Staff and Guests listed at the bottom of this page.

Software for Labs

Faculty need to submit a list of requested software for their labs approximately three months before the start of the semester.  If software is requested after this time period, IT Services cannot guarantee that the software will be available.

If you need "non-standard" software please go to this website to make a request: UVU Service Center

Upgrading & Installing New Software

IT Services as a policy only upgrades and installs new software between semesters. The only exception is bugs within the software.

UVU Email Guidelines

  • UVU employees shall use their assigned uvu.edu email accounts when conducting university business (such as business conducted as part of one’s duties on behalf of UVU) and shall not use non-UVU email accounts for university business.
  • As a reminder, employees shall not use their uvu.edu email accounts (a) for a political purpose, (b) to advocate for or against a ballot proposition, or (c) to solicit a campaign contribution.
  • UVU employees shall not auto-forward incoming messages to accounts outside the UVU email system.
  • All electronic messages, accounts, and addresses associated with the University are the property of UVU. For this reason, UVU employees shall have no expectation of privacy while using their assigned uvu.edu email accounts. UVU does not routinely inspect, monitor, or disclose electronic communications, files, or similar data, although it reserves the right to do so in situations such as authorized investigations or suspected policy violations.
  • Please be reminded that UVU is subject to open records laws such as the Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA). R840 and UVU’s new email guidelines are also designed to assist with document preservation and records management. If you conduct UVU business through your personal email accounts, such emails may be subject to GRAMA. For this additional reason, only uvu.edu email accounts must be used for conducting UVU business.

Computer Support

IT Services supports any and all computers that were purchased through the Computer Shop or Campus Purchasing with an exception form.  All of these computers will automatically have an inventory asset tag.  If a computer does not have an inventory asset tag it will not be supported.  Computers purchased outside of the Computer Shop or Campus Purchasing are known as "rogue computers".  IT Services is not obligated to support rogue computers.  IT Services will make a best effort in the case of rogue computers.

For more detail please review the Service Level Agreement for Faculty, Staff and Guests listed at the bottom of this page.

Student Computer Labs

In the computer labs, printers, toner, and paper are paid for from student fees separate from the College of Engineering & Technology.  As such each faculty member is credited $5.00 in case he/she needs to print in a lab. Any handouts that need to be printed should come from the department offices.

Service Level Agreement for Faculty, Staff and Guests

The Smith College of Engineering & Technology IT Services department provides support for faculty and staff computing hardware, software, network devices, and other technologies (collectively known as “equipment”) within constraints of staffing, budget, and available computing resources.  This document establishes three levels of technical support for equipment used in the course of official business at Utah Valley University (UVU).  This agreement only applies to equipment used by faculty, staff, and guests. The support policy for student computing, teaching, and open labs is beyond the scope of this text and is covered elsewhere.


  1. The Smith College of Engineering & Technology IT Services department provides full support and Help Desk assistance for:
    • Standardized equipment as established by the Technical Support department;
    • Native, supported operating systems recognized by the Utah Valley University IT Services department;
    • Installation and basic functionality of software titles. (Given the complexity, number of possible applications, potential for conflicting applications, etc. the Technical Support staff may be unable to support detailed configuration settings, operating modes, etc;
    • Development of resources (servers, software, network, etc) to be used in courses offered by T&C faculty;
    • Updates and patches of operating systems and application software as time permits.
  2. The Smith College of Engineering & Technology IT Services department provides limited support for:
    • Equipment provided or used by visiting faculty, VIPs, and invited guests in the course of official business;
    • Equipment used on official business at off-campus commercial facilities (hotels, conference centers, airport hotspots, etc.);
    • Recovery of data; The IT Services department makes no guarantee of data recovery in the event of a hardware or software failure. Backup of critical data is the responsibility of faculty and staff.
    • Use and operation of software applications. Members of the technical support staff may provide periodic training sessions for items of a general nature (login, drive mapping, security, etc.) applicable to all faculty and staff.
  3. The Smith College of Engineering & Technology IT Services department has no obligation to provide support for the following technologies. However, if time, resource, and capability permit, the department may offer limited assistance in an advisory capacity.
    • Non-native operating systems hosted on supported or unsupported hardware, utilizing software conversion, abstraction, or hypervisor utilities (Apple BootCamp, Parallels, VMWare Fusion, etc);
    • Equipment used for research purposes.
  4. The Smith College of Engineering & Technology IT Services department cannot support:
    • Equipment used at personal residences for official or unofficial business (due to legal, liability, connectivity, and other issues);
    • Equipment owned, operated, or maintained by departments outside the College of Engineering & Technology;
    • Equipment or technologies not owned by UVU or provided by the College of Engineering & Technology;
    • Equipment prohibited for use in UVU facilities;
    • Software applications in violation of legal, licensing, or copyright agreements;
    • Use of hardware, software, or any other technology in violation of UVU Appropriate Use, Information Security, or other policies.