Lab Rental

Guidelines/Procedures for Lab Rental:


  • E&T is the abbreviation of College of Engineering & Technology at Utah Valley University.
  • UVU is the abbreviation of Utah Valley University.


To ensure the proper use of computer labs at E&T, the following procedure for requesting lab usage will be followed concerning groups who are not part of the current student body of E&T.  Exceptions include E&T recruitment efforts.  Exceptions must be approved by the Associate Dean over labs in E&T.  


$10/computer/day capped at $50/day. 

For example, 30 computers for 1 day = $50.  Or 30 computers for 20 days = $50 x 20 = $1,000.

Services Offered:

  • Use of equipment normally found in lab including: white board, projector, teacher station, furniture, computers, etc.
  • Technical Support from IT Staff @ E&T
  • Normal Hours of Operation: i.e. Monday – Friday: 8 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday is available at additional cost

How to Secure a Lab:

A renter(s) who desires to rent a lab(s) will need to contact the E&T Scheduler in the dean’s office.  Labs must be scheduled 3 months in advance.  If a lab is available, the Scheduler will issue this form which will also serve as an invoice.  This form/invoice will be paid though the Bursar’s office to index F50320.  Renter(s) must then show the completed form with a “PAID” stamp from the Bursar’s office to the E&T Scheduler to secure the lab(s).  This form must be completed at least 10 business days prior to scheduled lab use.

Fill out this form to request a lab and submit to the Dean's Office in CS 716.

Per FCC rules, renters must retain a list of users and times of use.  Renters must also set up through OIT all necessary courtesy accounts, (one user is recommended).  These courtesy accounts must be provided to the IT Staff @ E&T before the lab(s) can be used.


Renters must provide an instructor or supervisor for each lab, who is responsible to monitor computer usage per UVU policy concerning computer usage.   See policy 441.


Per UVU Policy 115, minors need to be supervised at all times while on the UVU campus, including in the computer labs of E&T.  Supervisors will need to log each student’s full name and school.  The name of any computer or computer related equipment along with the name(s) of each student using said computer/computer equipment also needs to be recorded.  Supervisors will also be expected to supervise participants to ensure that they do not vandalize or damage any equipment, furniture, or other UVU property.  Supervisors are also expected to monitor internet activity to ensure that participants do not visit any inappropriate web sites, such as: sites promoting terrorism, violence, hatred of a particular group or religion, or sites containing pornography of any kind or any other site deemed inappropriate per UVU policy 441.