Professional Conduct

Conduct yourself at all times in manner reflecting that of a professional.  Never swear, raise your voice, tell an off-color joke, etc, etc.

Absolutely no video games!  Do not have them installed on UVU computers.  Do not play them on the premise.

Be aware that a "no-show, no call" may result in immediate termination.

Pre-Staging Computers

Pre-Stage according to these instructions as found in OneNote: OneNote Pre-Stage Computers

User Accounts Computers

All lab computers will have "mars" admin user name.  The password is reset every 24 hours.  It can found using laps.
All lab computers will have the "administrator"  (built in admin) user disabled. 

All other computers (faculty & staff) will have "mars" user as local admin.  The password for it can also be found using laps.

Installing Software for Faculty/Staff or Lab Computers

You may install software for faculty/staff or lab computers in one of the following ways:
  • Manually
  • Using WDS
  • Using SCCM - this the preferred method


Do not enforce GPOs - unless Merrill Oveson approves this. There is no need for them to be enforces at our OU level, all it does is disable “inheritance blocked”