Build from Certificate to Degree: Stackable Degrees

Increase earning potential through stackable degrees that can evolve from one-, to two- and four-year degrees. A one-year certificate counts as credit earned to a two-year degree. A two-year degree counts as credit to a four-year degree. At each step you not only make it easier to achieve that next degree, but also position yourself for career advancement and reward.

Stack of Black books

Path to Success

Certificate of Proficiency

Available to

Concurrent Enrollment Students

15 Credits 

Associate in Arts or Science

15 credits +

for a total of

60 Credits

Bachelor of Science

60 credits +

for a total of

120 Credits

Master of Public Administration

Graduate Application &

Acceptance Required

36 Credits

Programs within the Department of Criminal Justice

Detective taking surveillance photos

Associate in Art or Science in Criminal Justice

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Police officer with her back to the camera

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


Additional Programs Under the Department of Criminal Justice

Technician working in a lab

Forensic Science

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Officer in a police cruiser

Police Academy

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4 men in suits and uniforms at attentions with American Flag

National Security Studies

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