Computational Data Science

Computational Data Science is a new program of study at Utah Valley University. This undergraduate degree is being offered by the Computer Science Department within the College of Engineering and Technology. This program is designed to produce power users of machine learning and artificial intelligence technology. Feedback from local industry has emphasized the importance of training students to support all aspects of a data science pipeline. A data science pipeline is the set of processes that convert raw data into actionable answers to business questions. Students of Computational Data Science at UVU will build a foundation of knowledge by studying mathematics, statistics, and computer science. With that foundation in place students will then study modern data base theory, methods for causal inference, data visualization techniques, machine learning algorithms, and how artificial intelligence can solve real-world problems. There will be engaging projects inspired by problems in industry, and opportunities to collaborate with local businesses. Graduates of the program will possess up-to-date skills. The pragmatic curriculum will prepare graduates to make immediate contributions within their chosen careers.