Intercollegiate Course

View for February 1-15, 2023.

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CIVE 2000: Introduction to Civil Engineering Seminar
CIVE 3000: Civil Engineering Career Planning Seminar
CIVE 3310: Civil Engineering Fluid Mechanics
CIVE 3410: Introduction to Civil Engineering Materials
CIVE 4160: Timber and Masonry Design
CIVE 491R: Independent Study in Civil Engineering
THEA 419R: Musical Performance Practicum


CIVE 3130: Introduction to Structural Engineering
CIVE 3140: Structural Steel Design 1
CIVE 3150: Reinforced Concrete Design 1
CIVE 3210: Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
CIVE 3320: Introduction to Water Resources
CIVE 3335: Hydrology and Hydraulics Lab WE
CIVE 3415: Civil Engineering Materials Lab WE
COMM 3420: Communication and Conflict
ECE 4900: Electrical and Computer Engineering Capstone I WE
EDEL 4530: Elementary Social Studies Instruction and Assessment
ENVT 3750: Land Use Planning
ESMG 3150: Principles of Management for the Emergency Services WE
ESMG 3200: Health and Safety Program Management
ESMG 6100: Psychology and the Emergency Services Responder
ESMG 6110: Disasters/Vulnerability/and Impacts
ESMG 6120: Emergency Planning and Response
ESMG 6130: Social Vulnerability in Emergencies
ESMG 6140: Homeland Security Fundamentals
ME 3335: Thermal/Fluid Experimentation WE
ME 4015: Control and Vibration Experimentation
POLS 3510: Post Soviet Politics WE
THEA 2127: Voiceover Acting
THEA 254G: Costume History G
THEA 284R: Singing Technique for Actors I - BFA
THEA 3133: Stage Combat
THEA 3151: Acting for Musical Theatre I
THEA 3531: Lighting Design I
THEA 3541: Costume Design I
THEA 3571: Scenic Design I
THEA 4114: Film Acting II
THEA 4115: Acting Styles-BFA
THEA 415R: Musical Theatre Workshop - BFA
THEA 484R: Singing Techniques for Actors II-BFA