Intercollegiate Course

View for August 1-15, 2023.

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DANC 380R: Capstone Performance Ensemble
FIN 2210: Life, Love, & Money
EDUC 5110: Life Skills
EDUC 5120: Curriculum and Instruction for Students with Severe and Significant Disabilities
EDUC 5320: Instruction Technology Assessment Planning
TECH 6440: Artifical Intelligence, Ethics, and Society
TECH 6550: People and Culture
CS 1420: Accelerated Introduction to Programming
ARC 355R: Architectural Explorations through Study Abroad
GIS 2800: Geographic Information Systems
NURS 4140: Nursing Across the Ages
NURS 4150: Samoa Prep
NURS 4160: Transcultural Nursing
CLST 2000: Introductory Classical Chinese for Philosophy
CLST 300R: Advanced Classical Chinese for Philosophy
PHIL 2400: Writing and Reading Philosophy WE
PHIL 454R: Topics in Social and Political Philosophy
GEO 3505: Geomorphology Lab
GEOG 3440: Geospatial Data Analysis for Earth Scientists


DANC 3340: Ballet Choreography
MUSC 2190: Rhythm Section Workshop
ACC 2120: Principles of Accounting II
ACC 3510: Accounting Information Systems
FIN 3150: Financial Management
FIN 3170: Financial Statement Analysis
MKTG 4650: Marketing Management Capstone
ENTR 4450: Entrepreneurship: Enterprise Formation
SLSS 402G: Global Professionalization GI
EDUC 5202: Creating and Managing a Learning Environment
EDUC 5300: Instructional Design and Assessment
EDUC 5330: Strategies for Working with Diverse Learners
EDUC 5340: Instructional Planning Managing and Implementing in Second Language Acquisition
EDUC 5360: Nature and Role of Culture
EDUC 5370: Standards-Based Assessment for Second Language Learners
EDUC 5380: Second Language Acquisition and Development
EDUC 5390: Family and Community Engagement through Professionalism
EDUC 5500: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Numbers and Operations
EDUC 5510: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning
EDUC 5520: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Algebraic Reasoning
EDUC 5530: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Geometry and Measurement
EDUC 5540: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Data Analysis and Problem Solving
EDUC 5550: Mathematics for Teaching K-6 Assessment and Intervention
EDUC 5663: Literacy in Content Area
EDUC 5710: Instructional Strategies Curriculum and Classroom Management for the Elementary Classroom
EDUC 5800: Foundations of Instructional Design and Pedagogy
EDUC 5810: Professional Growth and Leadership
EDUC 5820: Supporting and Developing 21st Century Learners
EDUC 5830: Digital Citizenship and Information Literacy
AVSC 4410: Flight Certified Flight Instructor
AVSC 4420: Ground CFI Instrument
AVSC 4700: Aviation Professional Seminars
AVSC 4800: Professional Pilot Capstone
AVSC 481R: Cooperative Work Experience
AVSC 4900: Strategic Aviation Management Capstone
TECH 3010: Creative Problem Solving
TECH 3400: Project Management WE
TECH 4400: Advanced Project Management
TECH 4420: Organization Information Technologies
TECH 481R: Internship
TECH 4910: Senior Capstone Project WE
TECH 6420: Finance for Technical Systems
CS 3410: Human Factors in Software Development
CS 3660: Web Programming II
CS 3800: Data Science Through Statistical Reasoning
CS 4700: Machine Learning I
CS 4800: Data Science Capstone WE
CS 4880: Cloud Computing
CS 6460: Artificial Intelligence
GIS 3620: Advanced Geographic Information Systems
GIS 3630: Geographic Information Systems Application Development
INFO 1200: Computer Programming I for IS IT
IT 3540: Supporting Apple Technologies
DENT 489R: Undergraduate Research in Dental Hygiene WE
FSCI 3300: Forensic Photography
FSCI 3400: Criminalistics
FSCI 3500: Footwear and Tire Mark Evidence and Examination
FSCI 3540: Forensic Trace Analysis I
FSCI 3550: Forensic Trace Analysis II
FSCI 3700: Fingerprint Processing
FSCI 3720: Fingerprint Examination
FSCI 3780: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
FSCI 3820: Crime Scene Investigation Techniques I WE
FSCI 3830: Crime Scene Investigation Techniques II WE
FSCI 3850: Marijuana Identification Certificate
FSCI 3860: Forensic Microscopy
FSCI 3880: Forensic Experts/Professional Practices and the Legal System
FSCI 4000: Firearms Examination
FSCI 4050: Forensic Approaches to Cold Case Investigations
FSCI 4100: Forensic Pathology
FSCI 4200: Medicolegal Death Investigations
FSCI 4300: Forensic Genealogy
FSCI 4320: Genealogy Research Methods and Standards
FSCI 4350: Forensic Genealogy Seminar
FSCI 443R: Directed Research in Forensic Science
FSCI 475R: Current Topics in Forensic Science
FSCI 481R: Forensic Science Internship
FSCI 489R: Research in Forensic Investigations
FSCI 491R: Directed Reading and Special Projects
FSCI 4990: Forensic Investigation Capstone
CMHC 689R: Internship
FAMS 1500: Human Development Life Span SS
FAMS 240G: Contemporary Family Relations SS GI
FAMS 3250: Applied Parenting
FAMS 3800: Early Development in Families
FAMS 3850: Adult Development and Aging
FAMS 4040: Secondary Data Analysis
FAMS 4400: Family Policy
FAMS 4500: Family Life Education Methodology WE
FAMS 4670: Family Dynamics and Systems
FAMS 482R: Stronger Families Practicum
FAMS 490R: Independent Study
PSY 482R: Internship Seminar
SW 3000: Social Work Practice I
SW 3760: Post Traumatic Growth--Beyond Survival
SW 489R: Advanced Research in Social Work
SW 6810: Integrative Seminar I
SW 6820: Integrative Seminar II
SW 6830: Integrative Seminar III
SW 6840: Integrative Seminar IV
SW 6910: Foundation Field Practicum I
SW 6920: Foundation Field Practicum II
SW 6930: Advanced Field Practicum I
SW 6940: Advanced Field Practicum II
CLST 290R: Themes in Classical Civilizations
CLST 490R: Special Topics in Classical Civilizations
ENST 2000: Introduction to Environmental Studies
ENST 3110: Environmental Justice
PHIL 364G: Buddhist Philosophy GI
PHIL 3810: Existentialism and Phenomenology
RLST 3620: Mormon Theology and the Christian Tradition
ENVT 3790: Applied Hydrology WE
GEO 1220: Historical Geology
GEO 1225: Historical Geology Laboratory
GEO 3085: Earth Materials Laboratory
GEO 3100: Isotope Geochemistry
GEO 3105: Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory
GEO 3200: Geologic Hazards
GEO 3205: Geologic Hazards Laboratory
GEO 3500: Geomorphology WE
GEO 4790: Hydrogeology
GEOG 3400: Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOG 3600: Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 4100: Geospatial Field Methods
STAT 4400: Multivariate Analysis WE