Intercollegiate Course

View for March 1-15, 2022.

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ASL 4384: Applying Interpreting Skills to Coursework: Deaf and Hearing Interpreter Teams
HIST 4310: Violence and War in the Ancient Worl
CHIN 3650: Modern Chinese Literature from 1900
CHIN 3690: Modern China Through Film
CHST 3739: Selected Readings from Pre-Qin Writings
CHIN 4250: Newspaper Readings
EDLE 6200: Current Research in Education Leadership
EDLE 696R: Clinical Portfolio
EDAB 689R: ABA Supervision Seminar 
CHIN 4060: Topics in Grammar Usage and Style
EDUC 6783: Matter and Energy in Science
EDUC 6784: Cause and Effect in Science
EDUC 6785: Stability and Change in Science
EDUC 6786: Classroom Practice in Science
EDUC 6670: Basic Skills in the Arts
EDUC 6673: Leadership in the Arts
EDUC 6674: Seminar Capstone and Practicum
EDUC 6675: Performance and Excellence in the Art
EDCO 689R: School Counseling Internship 
NURS 7200: Biostatistics and Epidemiology for Advanced Practice
NURS 7310: Pharmacotherapeutics
NURS 7500: Organizational Leadership for Advanced Practice
NURS 7400: Quality Improvement in Advanced Practice
NURS 7970: Scholarly Project Development 
NURS 796R: Scholarly Project II
NURS 795R: DNP Practicum 
NURS 7890: Seminar and Role Development for Advanced Practice 
NURS 7360: Genetics and Genomics for Advanced Practice
CS 3130: Advanced Web App Security 
CS 3140: Advanced Network Cloud Security
CS 3120: Ethical Hacking
CS 4200: Secure Computing Capstone
EDUC 6781: Nature of Science and Engineering
EDUC 6782: Systems in Science
EDUC 6671: Teaching the Arts in the Elementary Classroom
EDUC 6672: Arts Integration Across the Curriculu
DFM 3110: Introduction to Design and Fabrication WE
DFM 3120: Subtractive Design and Fabrication
DFM 3125: Subtractive Design and Fabrication Lab
DFM 3130: CAD and Software Applications
DFM 321G: Data Driven Design GI WE
DFM 3230: Materials and Fabrication
DFM 481R: Design and Fabrication Internship
DFM 3220: Additive Design and Fabrication
DFM 3225: Additive Design and Fabrication Lab
DFM 4125: Forming Design and Fabrication Lab
DFM 490R: Design and Fabrication Special Topic
DFM 3310: Engineering Principles for Designers
DFM 3320: Machine Design for Designer
ASL 390G: Disability, Audism, and Oppression G
ASL 3400: ASL Visual-Spatial Production
ASL 4700: Issues in Deaf Culture Studie
DFM 4160: Design and Fabrication Capstone Research
DFM 4260: Design and Fabrication Capstone Project
DFM 4130: Metrology and Quality Contro
CHST 3650: China's Transformations from 1949
ASL 481R: Interpreting Practicum
ASL 4620: American Sign Language Literature
THEA 257R: Assistant Practical Design


CS 305G: Global Social and Ethical Issues in Computing GI WE
MATH 2270: Linear Algebra
GER 2010: Intermediate German I LH
ASL 3710: Deaf Visual Arts
HIST 3110: Greek History
ESEC 1013: Emergency Medical Response
EDAB 6050: Functional Behavior Assessment and Treatment
EDAB 6060: Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis
INFO 4420: Mobile Application Development
ASL 4800: Recent Trends in Deaf Studies Theory WE
STAT 2050: Introduction to Statistical Methods
SW 6000: Social Work Practice I--Generalist Practice with Individuals
SW 6020: Social Work Practice II--Generalist Practice with Families and Groups
SW 6030: Social Work Practice III--Advanced Practice with Individuals
SW 6050: Social Work Practice V--Advanced Practice with Organizations and Communities
SW 6320: Social Work Practice with Diverse Populations
SW 6500: Social Work Practice with Substance Related and Addictive Disorders
SW 6630: Mental Health Assessment in Social Work Practice
EDAB 6070: Training Supervision and Performance Monitoring in Applied Behavior Analysis
EDHE 6420: Diversity in Higher Education
EDHE 6450: Law-Policy-Ethics in Higher Education
EDHE 6440: Leadership in Higher Education
EDHE 6460: Planning-Budget-Organizational Effectiveness
EDHE 6430: Student Success and Development
EDHE 6410: Foundations and Contexts of Higher Education 
SW 6407: The Social Work Profession and Ethical Practice
EDCO 6030: Career Counseling
EDCO 6060: College and Career Readiness
SW 6040: Social Work Practice IV--Advanced Practice with Families and Groups
DWDD 2410: Interaction Design
DWDD 2620: Web Tools and Frameworks I
DWDD 1400: Digital Design Essentials
AUT 2240: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory
CS 6300: Software Engineering Leadership
CS 6470: Machine Learning
EDAB 6030: Developing and Changing Behaviors
EDUC 6082: Equitable Technology Integration for Practitioners
EDUC 6110: Applied Statistics for Education
EDUC 6330: Diversity and Differentiation in the Classroom
INFO 4300: Enterprise Web Development
MECH 2205: Semiconductors in Mechatronic Systems Lab
MECH 2305: Microcontroller Architecture and Programming Lab
AUT 1170: Engine Electrical Systems
AUT 1220: Automatic Powertrain Systems
AUT 1230: Engine Performance
CS 6100: Database Management System Construction
CS 6480: Advanced Machine Learning
EDUC 6411: Instructional Coaching
CS 6500: Software Architecture
IT 1510: Introduction to System Administration--Linux/UNIX
AVSC 4710: Aviation Career Preparation
AVSC 4700: Aviation Professional Seminars
CS 6150: Advanced Algorithms
CS 6510: Design and Simulation of Operating Systems
CS 6700: Advanced Mathematics for Computer Science
CS 6800: Computer Graphics and Mixed Realities
ENGL 220G: Introduction to World Literature HH GI
CMHC 6010: Theories of Counseling
CMHC 6020: Techniques of Counseling
THEA 3113: Acting for Film 
THEA 4114: Film Acting II
CMHC 6060: Psychological Assessment
CMHC 6070: Group Counseling
CMHC 6160: Human Development
CS 6730: Advanced Embedded Systems Engineering
DANC 159R: Hip Hop I
DANC 222R: Allegro Dance II
DANC 322R: Allegro Dance III
DANC 422R: Allegro Dance IV
ASL 2030: Fingerspelling in American Sign Language
ASL 2040: Numbers in American Sign Language
ASL 3410: American Sign Language Linguistics
MAT 1110: Introduction to Mathematical Reasoning 
ASL 4390: Professional Issues in Interpreting
ASL 3375: Ethics for Interpreters
CS 2420: Introduction to Algorithms and Data Structures