Intercollegiate Course

View for September 1-15, 2022.

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CMGT 459R: Current Topics in Construction
COMM 3410: Fundamentals of Mediation and Negotiation
CS 3310: Analysis of Algorithms
DAGV 1200: 3D Modeling Essentials
DAGV 1300: Animation Essentials
DAGV 1400: Scripting Essentials
DAGV 2210: 3D Modeling and Animation
DAGV 2230: Animation I
DAGV 2240: Character Development
DAGV 2330: Introduction to Rigging
DAGV 2340: Digital Storyboarding
DAGV 2440: Scripting for Animation and Games I
DAGV 2460: Game Development I
DAGV 2470: Game Development II
DAGV 3310: Technical Design and Direction
DAGV 3350: Animation and Game Production I
DAGV 3360: Advanced Character Rigging
DAGV 3440: Scripting for Animation and Games II
DAGV 3450: Animation and Game Production II
DAGV 3460: Game Development III
DAGV 3470: Animation Story Development WE
DAGV 4350: Advanced Technical Direction I
DAGV 4450: Advanced Technical Direction II
DAGV 4550: Performance Animation
DCPR 2995: Virtual Reality for Digital Cinema Storytelling
DWDD 1600: Web Essentials
DWDD 2510: Interactive Media Production
DWDD 2520: Digital Product Experiences I
DWDD 2530: Immersive Experiences I
DWDD 2610: Principles of Web Languages
DWDD 2620: Web Tools and Frameworks I
DWDD 2720: Web Languages I
DWDD 340R: Advanced Topics in Digital Media Design
DWDD 3410: Interaction Design Colloquium
DWDD 3430: Adaptive Media Experiences
DWDD 350R: Advanced Interaction Design Practicum
DWDD 3520: Digital Product Experiences II
DWDD 3770: Rich Internet Application Development I
DWDD 4520: Digital Product Design Studio
DWDD 4630: Web Content Management
DWDD 490R: Senior Capstone
ECON 3020: Managerial Economics
ECON 3370: Economic Modeling and Data Analytics
ECON 3400: Health Economics
ECON 3470: Principles of Applied Econometrics
ENVT 1200: Environmental Worker Safety
ENVT 1270: Environmental Microbiology
ENVT 1300: Environmental Lab and Sampling
ENVT 1510: Hazardous Materials Emergency Response
ENVT 2710: Environmental Careers
ENVT 3010: Environmental Toxicology
ENVT 3210: Water Quality and Reclamation
ENVT 3280: Environmental Law
ENVT 3320: Hydraulics of Water
ENVT 3330: Water Resources Management
ENVT 3530: Environmental Management Systems
ENVT 3750: Land Use Planning
ENVT 3770: Natural Resources Management
ENVT 3790: Applied Hydrology WE
ESFF 1000: Introduction to Emergency Services
ESFF 1120: Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival
ESFF 1340: Hazardous Materials First Responder
ESFF 1360: Recruit Candidate Academy Internship
ESFF 1380: Fire Apparatus Skills
ESFF 2100: Servant-Leadership for the Emergency Services
ESFF 2410: Hazardous Materials Technician Fundamentals
ESFF 2420: Hazardous Materials Technician Skills
ESFF 250B: Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy II
ESFF 2730: Rope Rescue
ESFF 281R: Emergency Services Internship
FIN 3100: Principles of Finance
FIN 3220: Risk Management and Insurance
FIN 342R: Wolverine Fund
FIN 4250: Personal Financial Planning Practicum
FIN 5160: International Financial Management
FIN 5170: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Analysis
FIN 5210: Retirement Planning
FIN 5260: Estate Planning Fundamentals
FIN 5300: Tax Planning for Personal Financial Planners
FIN 5700: CFP Examination Preparation
FIN 5800: Personal Financial Planning Capstone
FIN 6130: Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling
FIN 6160: International Financial Management
FIN 6170: Investment Analysis and Portfolio Analysis
FSCI 3300: Forensic Photography
FSCI 3400: Criminalistics
FSCI 3500: Footwear and Tire Mark Evidence and Examination
FSCI 3540: Forensic Trace Analysis I
FSCI 3550: Forensic Trace Analysis II
FSCI 3700: Fingerprint Processing
FSCI 3720: Fingerprint Examination
FSCI 3780: Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
FSCI 3820: Crime Scene Investigation Techniques I WE
FSCI 3830: Crime Scene Investigation Techniques II WE
FSCI 3850: Marijuana Identification Certificate
FSCI 3860: Forensic Microscopy
FSCI 3880: Forensic Experts/ Professional Practices and the Legal System
FSCI 4000: Firearms Examination
FSCI 4050: Forensic Approaches to Cold Case Investigations
FSCI 4300: Forensic Genealogy
GEO 4790: Hydrogeology
IT 4750: Network Security and Operations Capstone
MGMT 6440: Advanced Project Management
MGMT 6470: Organization Information Technologies
MGMT 6760: Applied Business Research
MKTG 6400: Technology Marketing and Customer Experience
MKTG 6600: Marketing Strategy
MKTG 6620: Marketing Research and Analytics
MKTG 6640: Brand, Product, and Services Management
RESP 3265: Neonatal/Pediatric Critical Care Lab
SUDC 4300: Introduction to Substance Use Disorder Counseling
SUDC 4400: Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counseling
FIN 6150: Financial Management
FIN 5130: Financial Statement Analysis and Modeling
MKTG 6720: Creativity and Innovative Problem Solving
MKTG 6660: Marketing Channels and Communications


ENVT 1360: Introduction to Water Treatment
ESFF 100A: Introduction to Emergency Services
ESFF 100B: Firefighter Physical Ability Testing
LEGL 1110: Civil Litigation