Intercollegiate Course

View for SEPT 15-21st, 2021.

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FIN 6060 FIN 6060: Financial Planning for Professionals
FIN 6510 FIN 6510: CFA 1 Investment Products
FIN 6520 FIN 6520: CFA 1 Financial Markets
FIN 4185 FIN 4185: International Trade and Finance
MUSC 1115 MUSC 1115: Music Notation and Score Preparation
MUSC 1350 MUSC 1350: Studio Conducting
MUSC 1390 MUSC 1390: Survey of Recording Techniques
MUSC 1236 MUSC 1236: Survey of Jazz History
MUSC 2190 MUSC 2190: Rhythm Section Workshop
MFT 679R MFT 679R: Special Topics in MFT
EDUC 6311 EDUC 6311: Exceptional Students
DANC 258R DANC 258R: Tap Dance II
ACC 6580 ACC 6580: Financial Accounting Theory and Research II
ACC 6300 ACC 6300: Advanced Data Analytics in Accounting
ACC 6400 ACC 6400: Advanced Taxation of Business Entities
ACC 6540 ACC 6540: Professional Ethics in Accounting and Auditing
RESP 3265 RESP 3265: Neonatal/Pediatric Critical Care Lab
EDUC 6033 EDUC 6033: College and Career Readiness
ECE 4850 ECE 4850: Machine learning
EDUC 5560 EDUC 5560: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Elementary Mathematics Leaders
EDUC 5570 EDUC 5570: Elementary Mathematicas Education Leadership for School Change
EDUC 5670 EDUC 5670: Basic Skills in the Arts
EDUC 5671 EDUC 5671: Teaching the Arts in the Elementary Classroom
EDUC 5673 EDUC 5673: Leadership in the Arts
EDUC 5674 EDUC 5674: Seminar Capstone and Practicum
EDUC 5675 EDUC 5675: Performance and Excellence in the Arts
EDUC 5782 EDUC 5782: Systems in Science
EDUC 5783 EDUC 5783: Matter and Energy in Science
EDUC 5741 EDUC 5741: STEM for Teaching K-6 Science
EDUC 5742 EDUC 5742: STEM for Teaching K-6 Technology and Engineering
EDUC 5784 EDUC 5784: Cause and Effect in Science
PHIL 320G PHIL 320G: Metaphysics GI 
PHIL 452G PHIL 452G: Topics in Value Theory GI
RLST 367G RLST 367G: Engaging Religious Diversity
PHIL 3680 PHIL 3680: Interreligious Studies Practicum
EDUC 5672 EDUC 5672: Arts Integration Across the Curriculum
POLS 3160 POLS 3160: Campaigns and Elections
PHIL 290G PHIL 290G: Marginalized Philosophies HH GI
POLS 3350 POLS 3350: Health Politics and Policy 
PHIL 416G PHIL 416G: History of Chinese Philosophy GI
FIN 690R FIN 690R: Independent Study
DANC 4360 DANC 4360: Senior Capstone II WE
DANC 360R DANC 360R: Esprit d c
HIST 421G HIST 421G: The Global Cold War GI
ME 4180 ME 4180: Compliant Mechanisms 
PJST 3000 PJST 3000: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies WE
FIN 5700 FIN 5700: CFP Examination Preparation
FIN 5510 FIN 5510: Investment Products
FIN 5520 FIN 5520: Financial Markets
SW 6210 SW 6210: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
ECON 305G ECON 305G: International Economics GI
SW 6200 SW 6200: Human Behavior and the Social Environment 
SW 6040 SW 6040: Social Work Practice IV--Advanced Practice with Groups and Complex Cases


COMM 1020 COMM 1020: Public Speaking HH
COMM 2110 COMM 2110: Interpersonal Communication SS
COMM 303G COMM 303G: Media Literacy GI
CS 305G CS 305G: Global Social and Ethical Issues in Computing GI
DENT 3010 DENT 3010: Pain Control
DENT 3050 DENT 3050: Ethics and Practice Management
AET 1130 AET 1130: Introduction to Automation
AET 2110 AET 2110: Industrial Electronics I
AET 2160 AET 2160: Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things
ECE 4780 ECE 4780: Wireless and Mobile Communications
EDEL 325G EDEL 325G: Equitable Technology Integration GI
EDUC 6310 EDUC 6310: Assessing Educational Practices
ACC 4030 ACC 4030: Governmental and Not For Profit Accounting
ENTR 3190 ENTR 3190: Early-stage Financing
ACC 4110 ACC 4110: Auditing
ES 1150 ES 1150: Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Management SS
EXSC 4000 EXSC 4000: Clinical Exercise Physiology
FIN 4200 FIN 4200: Financial Counseling Practicum
ACC 4310 ACC 4310: Advanced Management Accounting
ACC 4400 ACC 4400: Taxation of Business Entities
HM 3020 HM 3020: Hospitality Managerial Accounting I
HM 3150 HM 3150: Hospitality Finance
HM 320G HM 320G: Global Tourism GI
HM 3710 HM 3710: Marketing of Hospitality Services
HM 4550 HM 4550: Hospitality Strategic Management
MATH 1100 MATH 1100: Survey of Calculus QL
ASTR 1050 ASTR 1050: Investigations of the Solar System
ASTR 1060 ASTR 1060: Investigations of Stars and Galaxies
MECH 2300 MECH 2300: Microcontroller Architecture and Programming
MECH 2305 MECH 2305: Microcontroller Architecture and Programming Lab
ASTR 4350 ASTR 4350: Research Methods in Astronomy
MKTG 3220 MKTG 3220: Retail Management
MKTG 335G MKTG 335G: International Marketing GI
MKTG 3600 MKTG 3600: Principles of Marketing
MKTG 3620 MKTG 3620: Consumer Behavior
MKTG 3630 MKTG 3630: Services Marketing
MKTG 3640 MKTG 3640: Sales Management
MKTG 3650 MKTG 3650: Professional Selling
MKTG 3660 MKTG 3660: Digital Marketing
MKTG 3670 MKTG 3670: Advertising and Promotion
MKTG 3680 MKTG 3680: Marketing with Social Media
MKTG 3685 MKTG 3685: Content Marketing
MKTG 3690 MKTG 3690: Digital Marketing Analytics
MKTG 4150 MKTG 4150: Digital Marketing Capstone
MKTG 3890 MKTG 3890: Business Career Preparation
MKTG 459R MKTG 459R: Advanced Topics in Marketing
MKTG 4600 MKTG 4600: Customer Experience
MKTG 4610 MKTG 4610: Sales Operations
MKTG 4650 MKTG 4650: Marketing Management Capstone
MUSC 1010 MUSC 1010: Introduction to Music FF
MUSC 101H MUSC 101H: Introduction to Music FF
MUSC 102G MUSC 102G: Introduction to World Music FF GI
MUSC 1030 MUSC 1030: American Popular Music FF
MUSC 1100 MUSC 1100: Fundamentals of Music FF
MUSC 1110 MUSC 1110: Music Theory I
MUSC 1120 MUSC 1120: Music Theory II
MUSC 124R MUSC 124R: UVU Concert Choir
MUSC 125R MUSC 125R: University Band
MUSC 1400 MUSC 1400: Music Technology I
MUSC 1402 MUSC 1402: Music Technology II
MUSC 1410 MUSC 1410: Survey of Commercial Music Careers
MUSC 145R MUSC 145R: Private Lessons I
MUSC 1810 MUSC 1810: Contemporary Theory and Improvisation I
MUSC 2210 MUSC 2210: Contemporary Theory and Improvisation II
MUSC 2110 MUSC 2110: Music Theory III
MUSC 2170 MUSC 2170: Jazz and Contemporary Keyboard Skills I
MUSC 2180 MUSC 2180: Jazz and Contemporary Keyboard Skills II
MUSC 2350 MUSC 2350: Fundamentals of Conducting
MUSC 2400 MUSC 2400: Digital Audio Workstation
MUSC 2420 MUSC 2420: Music Production Basics
MUSC 250R MUSC 250R: Private Lessons for Music Majors
MUSC 251R MUSC 251R: Performance Class
MUSC 3025 MUSC 3025: Songwriting I
MUSC 3026 MUSC 3026: Songwriting II
MUSC 3030 MUSC 3030: Jazz and Contemporary Arranging I
MUSC 3031 MUSC 3031: Jazz and Contemporary Arranging II
MUSC 3150 MUSC 3150: Advanced Instrumental Conducting
MUSC 322R MUSC 322R: Chamber Choir
MUSC 328R MUSC 328R: Women's Choir
MUSC 330R MUSC 330R: Wind Symphony
MUSC 333R MUSC 333R: Small Jazz and Commercial Ensembles
MUSC 334R MUSC 334R: Pep Band
MUSC 3412 MUSC 3412: Music Career Development
MUSC 370R MUSC 370R: Symphony Orchestra
MUSC 372R MUSC 372R: Chamber Orchestra
MUSC 379R MUSC 379R: Studio Recording Workshop
MUSC 2125 MUSC 2125: Music Theory IV
MUSC 4150 MUSC 4150: Advanced Choral Conducting
MUSC 450R MUSC 450R: Advanced Private Lessons for Music Majors
MUSC 451R MUSC 451R: Performance Class
MUSC 455R MUSC 455R: Private Lessons for Music Performance Majors
MUSC 470R MUSC 470R: Studio Arranging and Producing
MUSC 481R MUSC 481R: Internship in Music II
MUSC 492R MUSC 492R: Advanced Topics in Music
PHYS 1010 PHYS 1010: Elementary Physics PP
PHYS 2015 PHYS 2015: College Physics I Lab
PHYS 2025 PHYS 2025: College Physics II Lab
PHYS 4100 PHYS 4100: Biophysics
SLSS 1050 SLSS 1050: Research Skills for Student Success
SURV 3340 SURV 3340: Boundary Law
FIN 6820 FIN 6820: Research Methods
FIN 6140 FIN 6140: Regulatory Policy in Financial Services
FIN 6840 FIN 6840: Behavioral Finance Seminar
FIN 6340 FIN 6340: Analytics and Advanced Statistics
FIN 679R FIN 679R: Special Topics in Finance
FIN 6370 FIN 6370: Wealth Management
FIN 6300 FIN 6300: Income Tax Planning
FIN 6800 FIN 6800: Financial Planning Capstone Case Analysis
FIN 6390 FIN 6390: Financial Technology
FIN 6380 FIN 6380: Advanced Estate Planning Asset Protection
FIN 6400 FIN 6400: Managing Client Relationships
FIN 6350 FIN 6350: Retirement Income Planning
FIN 6810 FIN 6810: CFA Exam Preparation
AET 2115 AET 2115: Industrial Electronics I Lab
AET 2165 AET 2165: Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things Lab
FIN 6700 FIN 6700: CFP Exam Preparation
HR 4060 HR 4060: HR Analytics
MECH 4305 MECH 4305: Capstone I Laboratory
AET 1140 AET 1140: Applied AC Theory
AET 1145 AET 1145: Applied AC Lab
MKTG 3300 MKTG 3300: Marketing Analytics
MKTG 3170 MKTG 3170: Digital Advertising
MKTG 3700 MKTG 3700: Fundamentals of Product Management
CMHC 671R CMHC 671R: Practicum
CMHC 689R CMHC 689R: Internship
BIOL 1610 BIOL 1610: College Biology I BB
DGM 3570 DGM 3570: Storytelling for Digital Media II WE
EDEL 4410 EDEL 4410: Elementary Literacy Instruction and Assessment 2 WE
INFO 4120 INFO 4120: Data Visualization
MUSC 327R MUSC 327R: Deep Green-T/B Choir
EDEL 2200 EDEL 2200: Introduction to Educational Technology
EDEL 4210 EDEL 4210: Elementary Learning Environments II
DANC 256G DANC 256G: Dance and Culture GI
ACC 6410 ACC 6410: Tax Research and Procedure
ACC 6440 ACC 6440: Partnership Tax
ACC 6510 ACC 6510: Financial Auditing
ACC 6560 ACC 6560: Financial Accounting Theory and Research I
ACC 6600 ACC 6600: Business Law for Accountants
ACC 6420 ACC 6420: Principles of Corporate Tax
TECH 301R TECH 301R: Technology Lecture Series
MATH 4610 MATH 4610: Introduction to Numerical Analysis I
SOC 3030 SOC 3030: Social Research Methods WE
EDEL 4420 EDEL 4420: Elementary Language Arts Instruction and Assessment
MUSC 360R MUSC 360R: Commercial Music Private Lessons
RESP 3260 RESP 3260: Neonatal/Pediatric Critical Care
RESP 3280 RESP 3280: Extended Care Roles for Respiratory Therapists
EDUC 6032 EDUC 6032: Career Counseling
HIST 382G HIST 382G: American Indian History to 1890 GI
HIST 384G HIST 384G: American Indian History since 1890 GI
CMGT 1010 CMGT 1010: Introduction to Construction Management WE
MFT 6600 MFT 6600: Capstone in MFT
MFT 6520 MFT 6520: Clinical Business Development and Practice 
EDUC 5786 EDUC 5786: Classroom Practice in Science
EDUC 5785 EDUC 5785: Stability Change in Science
GEOG 2100 GEOG 2100: Geography of the United States SS
PHYS 1700 PHYS 1700: Descriptive Acoustics PP
METO 1060 METO 1060: Fundamentals of Weather Forecasting PP
ACC 3400 ACC 3400: Individual Income Tax
PHYS 1750 PHYS 1750: The Acoustics of Music PP
PHYS 1850 PHYS 1850: The Physics of Aviation PP
PHYS 2010 PHYS 2010: College Physics I PP
PHYS 2210 PHYS 2210: Physics for Scientists and Engineers I PP
PHYS 2220 PHYS 2220: Physics for Scientists and Engineers II PP
PHYS 3120 PHYS 3120: Modern Physics II
EXSC 4300 EXSC 4300: Research Methods in Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation WE
DGM 3320 DGM 3320: Digital Photography and Compositing II
ENTR 493R ENTR 493R: Entrepreneurship Lecture Series
DANC 2260 DANC 2260: Character Dance II
MGMT 6940 MGMT 6940: MBA Consulting Project
SW 3510 SW 3510: Global Social Work
CJ 3330 CJ 3330: Financial Crimes Investigations
CMGT 3020 CMGT 3020: Building Envelopes and Mechanical Systems
CMGT 3050 CMGT 3050: Construction Equipment/Planning and Logistics
FSCI 3400 FSCI 3400: Criminalistics
INFO 481R INFO 481R: Internship
MFT 6000 MFT 6000: Systemic Foundations of Marriage and Family Therapy
MFT 6230 MFT 6230: Family Therapy
MFT 6310 MFT 6310: Child and Adolescent Development
ARC 2110 ARC 2110: Architecture Studio I
ARC 2210 ARC 2210: Architecture Studio II
POLS 3000 POLS 3000: Political Analysis
PHIL 3710 PHIL 3710: Philosophy of Law
PHIL 4150 PHIL 4150: History of Continental Philosophy
POLS 3170 POLS 3170: Political Psychology WE
ARC 3230 ARC 3230: Global History of Architecture to 1700
CMGT 405G CMGT 405G: Global Sustainability and the Built Environment GI WE
ARC 4130 ARC 4130: Global History of Architecture Since 1700
PSY 3200 PSY 3200: Infant and Child Development
PSY 3210 PSY 3210: Adolescent Development
PSY 3220 PSY 3220: Adult Development and Aging
ENGL 304G ENGL 304G: History of the English Language GI
NURS 2300 NURS 2300: Nursing Health Assessment
PHYS 1800 PHYS 1800: Energy You and the Environment PP
PHYS 2215 PHYS 2215: Physics for Scientists and Engineers I Lab
PHYS 2225 PHYS 2225: Physics for Scientists and Engineers II Lab
AUT 101L AUT 101L: Maintenance and Light Repair Lab
MATH 4015 MATH 4015: Actuarial Problems Laboratory
MATH 4025 MATH 4025: Actuarial Problems Finance Laboratory
FIN 690R FIN 690R: Independent Study
DANC 4360 DANC 4360: Senior Capstone II WE
DANC 360R DANC 360R: Esprit d c
HIST 421G HIST 421G: The Global Cold War GI
ME 4180 ME 4180: Compliant Mechanisms 
PJST 3000 PJST 3000: Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies WE
FIN 5700 FIN 5700: CFP Examination Preparation
FIN 5510 FIN 5510: Investment Products
FIN 5520 FIN 5520: Financial Markets
SW 6210 SW 6210: Human Behavior and the Social Environment II
ECON 305G ECON 305G: International Economics GI
SW 6200 SW 6200: Human Behavior and the Social Environment 
SW 6040 SW 6040: Social Work Practice IV--Advanced Practice with Groups and Complex Cases
CHEM 4600 CHEM 4600: Structure Determination