Intercollegiate Course

View for May 1-15, 2023.

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EDAB 6210: Basic Behavior Analysis
EDAB 6220: Foundational Philosophy and Concepts in Radical Behaviorism
EDAB 6300: Thesis Proposal Seminar
SURV 2240: Metrology for Surveyors
ME 3050: Mechatronic Systems
ME 3410: Applied Finite Element Analysis
ME 489R: Undergraduate Research Project
FAMS 3050: Clinical Skills for Helping Professions
FAMS 4940: Family Science Seminar
PHIL 402R: Topics in Humanism and Posthumanism
CHEM 3410: Introduction to Formulations I
CHEM 3420: Introduction to Formulations II
CHEM 4700: Proteomics


DANC 346R: Synergy Dance Company
DANC 360R: Esprit d c
DANC 376R: Ballroom Dance Ensemble
DANC 446R: Contemporary Dance Ensemble
THEA 1113: Voice and Speech I
ENTR 3180: Entrepreneurship: Launching a New Venture (for non-business majors)
MGMT 4840: Management Consulting and Strategy
MGMT 4860: Business Strategy Formulation and Implementation
EDAB 6090: Advanced Applications in ABA
EDAB 689R: ABA Supervision Seminar
EDHE 6410: Foundations and Contexts of Higher Education
EDHE 6420: Diversity in Higher Education
EDHE 6430: Student Success and Development
EDHE 6440: Leadership in Higher Education
TECH 4000: Reliability Management
TECH 6000: Management of Technological Innovation
TECH 6010: Intellectual Property Fundamentals
TECH 6430: Product Management Processes
CS 3370: C Plus Plus Software Development
CMGT 1150: Construction Safety
CMGT 3050: Construction Equipment/Planning and Logistics
CMGT 3080: Construction Financial Management
SURV 1030: Fundamentals of Geodesy and Control Surveys
SURV 1220: Remote Sensing and Photogrammetry
SURV 2100: Mapping From Field to Finish
SURV 2310: Surveying US Public Lands
SURV 2320: Property Descriptions and Public Land Records
SURV 2350: Ethics and Liabilities for Surveyors
SURV 3010: Measurement Analysis and Adjustments
SURV 3030: Land Development Planning, Platting, and Mapping
SURV 3210: Advanced Photogrammetry
SURV 3220: Control Surveys
SURV 3230: Construction and Route Surveys
SURV 3250: Geodesy
SURV 3400: Emerging Surveying and Mapping Technologies
SURV 455G: Global Professional Ethics and Liabilities GI
SURV 4700: Fundamentals of Surveying Exam Prep
SURV 481R: Surveying and Mapping Internship
SURV 4930: Senior Surveying and Mapping Capstone WE
ME 2210: Manufacturing Processes for Engineers
ME 4810: Mechanical Engineering Capstone I
CYBR 3750: Malware Reverse Engineering
CYBR 4850: Digital Forensics Investigations
IM 2300: Information Management Principles
IM 2500: Graphic Applications
IT 481R: Internship
CJ 1800: POST Module I
CJ 1810: POST Module II
CJ 6200: Advanced Topics in Criminal Justice
CJ 6210: Information-based Decision Making for Criminal Justice Administrators
CJ 6220: Contemporary Issues In Criminal Justice
CJ 6230: Criminal Justice Policy
NSS 2010: Introduction to National Security WE
HLTH 3750: Biostatistics for Public Health
HLTH 3800: Epidemiology
HLTH 4720: CHES Preparation
HLTH 6200: Issues in Public Health
CMHC 6000: ACA Ethics
FAMS 2705: Ethics for Family Interventions WE
FAMS 2800: Teaching Human Sexuality
FAMS 475R: Current Topics in Family Studies
HUM 325R: Topics in Area Studies
HUM 330R: Topics in Period Studies
BIOL 3800: Conservation Biology
ZOOL 3500: Mammalogy
ZOOL 3505: Mammalogy Laboratory
CHEM 1110: Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences PP
GEO 4500: Sedimentary Geology WE
METO 1010: Introduction to Meteorology PP


EDAB 6060: Advanced Topics in Applied Behavior Analysis
GIS 3640: Thematic Mapping Environmental Impacts
GIS 3650: Thematic Mapping Culture and Societies
SURV 4400: Surveying Applications and Field Techniques IV
RESP 3230: Advanced Cardiopulmonary Technology