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Administrative Unit

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AS-DANC1: Dance, A.S.
BFA-DANC1-MOD: Dance - Modern Dance Emphasis, B.F.A.
BFA-DANC1: Dance, B.F.A.
BS-DNED: Dance Education, B.S.
AA-THES: Theatre Studies, A.A.
AS-THEA1: Theatre Arts, A.S.
BA-THES: Theatre Studies, B.A.
BS-TED: Theatre Education, B.S.
AS-ACCT: Accounting, A.S.
BS-ACCT: Accounting, B.S.
BS-FINA: Finance, B.S.
BS-PFP: Personal Financial Planning, B.S.
AAS-BMGT: Business Management, A.A.S.
AS-BMGT: Business Management, A.S.
BS-BSAN: Business and Analysis, B.S.
BS-IBUS: International Business, B.S.
BS-OPMG: Operations and Supply Chain Management, B.S.
CC-BMGT: Business Management, Certificate of Completion
CP3-1DDM: Data Analytics and Decision Making, Certificate of Proficiency
AAS-HOSP: Hospitality Management, A.A.S.
AS-HOSP: Hospitality Management, A.S.
BS-EVM: Event Management, B.S.
BS-HOSP: Hospitality Management, B.S.
BS-HURM: Human Resource Management, B.S.
CP1-1LSN: Leadership Studies - Nonprofit Organizations, Certificate of Proficiency
CC-AUTO1: Automotive Technology, Certificate of Completion
CC-CRT1: Collision Repair Technology, Certificate of Completion
AAS-COSC2-CPNW: Computer Science - Computing and Networking Sciences Emphasis, A.A.S.
AS-COSC2: Computer Science, A.S.
BAS-SDEV: Software Development, B.A.S.
BS-CDS: Computational Data Science, B.S.
BS-COSC-SCMP: Computer Science - Secure Computing Emphasis, B.S.
BS-COSC2: Computer Science, B.S.
AAS-WDES: Web Design and Development, A.A.S.
BS-CSE1: Computer Engineering, B.S.
AAS-DENT1: Dental Hygiene, A.A.S.
AS-FRSC: Forensic Science, A.S.
BS-FRSC3-FINV: Forensic Science - Forensic Investigation Emphasis, B.S.
BS-FRSC3-FLAB: Forensic Science - Forensic Laboratory Emphasis, B.S.
BS-FRSC3: Forensic Science, B.S.
AAS-ESOP: Emergency Services Operations, A.A.S.
AAS-WLFM1: Wildland Fire Management, A.A.S.
BS-HCAD: Healthcare Administration, B.S.
BS-SHED1: School Health Education, B.S.
CP3-1HWC: Health and Wellness Coaching, Certificate of Proficiency
HCA: Healthcare Administration, Minor
SHED: School Health Education, Minor
BS-NURS1: Nursing, B.S.
BS-PUHE: Public Health, B.S.
BA-APCO: Applied Communication, B.A.
BA-PRSC: Public Relations and Strategic Communication, B.A.
BS-APCO: Applied Communication, B.S.
BS-PRSC: Public Relations and Strategic Communication, B.S.
EGLS: Literary Studies, Minor
BA-HUMA: Humanities, B.A.
BA-PHIL1: Philosophy, B.A.
BS-PHIL1: Philosophy, B.S.
CP3-1ETH: Ethics, Certificate of Proficiency
ETHI: Ethics, Minor
HUMA: Humanities, B.S.
BA-PSY: Psychology, B.A.
BS-PSY: Psychology, B.S.
BA-ANTH: Anthropology, B.A.
BS-ANTH: Anthropology, B.S.
BSW-SOWK: Social Work, B.S.W.
SOC: Sociology, Minor
AS-BIOL: Biology, A.S.
BMS: Biomedical Science, B.S.
BS-BIED: Biology Education, B.S.
BS-BIOI: Bioinformatics, B.S.
BS-BIOL: Biology, B.S.
BS-BIOT: Biotechnology, B.S.
BS-BOT: Botany, B.S.
BS-MBIO: Microbiology, B.S.
ZZO: Zoology, B.S.
BS-CHEM1-BCHE: Chemistry - Biochemistry Emphasis, B.S.
BS-CHEM1-PRCH: Chemistry - Professional Chemistry Emphasis, B.S.
BS-CHEM1: Chemistry, B.S.
GC-2MAT: Mathematics, Graduate Certificate
MATH: Mathematics, Minor
MS-MAED: Master of Science - Mathematics Education, M.S.
STA: Statistics, Minor
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THEA 319R: Performance Practicum for Stage and Screen
THEA 419R: Musical Performance Practicum
ECON 3400: Health Economics
FIN 2210: Life Love and Money
FIN 6800: Financial Planning Capstone and Case Analysis
MGMT 494R: Special Topics
EDAB 689R: ABA Supervision Seminar
EDEL 4550: Elementary Mathematics Instruction and Assessment II
AUT 1120: Powertrain Systems
AUT 1125: Powertrain Systems Lab
AUT 1130: Engine Mechanical
AUT 1135: Engine Mechanical Lab
AUT 1160: Automotive Electrical Systems
AUT 1165: Automotive Electrical Systems Lab
AUT 1170: Engine Electrical Systems
AUT 1175: Engine Electrical Systems Lab
AUT 1210: Steering and Suspension Systems
AUT 1215: Suspension and Steering Systems Lab
AUT 1225: Automatic Transmissions and Transaxles Lab
AUT 1235: Engine Performance Lab
AUT 2120: Engine Performance II
AUT 2125: Advanced Engine Performance II Lab
AUT 2130: Transportation Environmental Pollution Controls
AUT 2135: Transportation Environmental Pollution Controls Lab
AUT 2140: Chassis Electrical and Electronics Systems
AUT 2145: Chassis Electrical and Electronics Systems Lab
AUT 2210: Brake Systems and Regenerative Braking
AUT 2215: Brake Systems and Regenerative Braking Lab
AUT 2220: Automatic Powertrain Systems
AUT 2225: Automatic Powertrain Systems Lab
AUT 2240: Transportation Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Theory
AUT 2245: Transportation Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Lab
AUT 2250: Fuel Management
AUT 2255: Fuel Management Lab
AUT 2350: Electronic Diesel Fuel Management Systems
AVSC 4450: Flight Multi Engine Instructor
TECH 6700: Data Driven Decision Making
CS 2370: C Plus Plus Programming
CS 2450: Software Engineering WE
CS 3520: Database Theory
CS 4800: Data Science Capstone WE
DGM 4261: Mixed Reality Studio
DWDD 4630: Web Content Management
ECE 2700: Digital Design I
ME 4015: Control and Vibration Experimentation
CJ 3300: Victimology
FSCI 443R: Research in Forensic Laboratory Sciences
FSCI 489R: Research in Forensic Investigations
HLSC 2400: Mental Health and Mindful Resilience
HLSC 2450: Health Coaching
HLSC 2820: Health Coaching Experience
HLSC 3050: Healthcare Quality and Safety WE
HLTH 4600: Research Methods for Public Health WE
HLTH 482R: Health Internship
HLTH 4950: Senior Capstone
COMM 1050: Introduction to Communication SS GI
HUM 4910: Humanities Capstone I WE
PSY 3530: Psychology of Interpersonal Relationships
ANTH 2880: Introduction to Anthropological Analysis WE
BIOL 481R: Biology Internship
BOT 4050: Plant Ecology
BOT 4055: Plant Ecology Laboratory
BOT 4650: Greenhouse Management
BOT 481R: Botany Internship
MICR 3450: General Microbiology
MICR 3455: General Microbiology Laboratory
MICR 3550: Microbial Physiology
MICR 3650: Microbial Genetics
MICR 4505: Applied Virological Methods
MICR 4600: Arthropod-Borne Pathogens
SCIE 4210: Science Teaching Methods I
SCIE 4220: Teaching Methods in Science II
ZOOL 4300: Histology
CHEM 380G: Energy Use on Earth GI
ENVT 3270: Environmental Microbiology
GEO 3500: Geomorphology WE
GEO 3505: Geomorphology Lab
GEOG 3400: Environmental Remote Sensing
GEOG 3440: Geospatial Data Science
MATH 3750: Financial Mathematics
STAT 4300: Stochastic Processes
EXSC 1097: Fitness for Life TE
PES 1085: Weight Training I
PHYS 2710: Modern Physics I
PHYS 2715: Introduction to Experimental Physics I WE
PHYS 3230: Principles of Electronics for the Physical Sciences
PHYS 3300: Mathematical and Computational Physics I
PHYS 3330: Mathematical and Computational Physics II
PHYS 3830: Biophysics
PHYS 4210: Advanced Experimental Techniques