Intercollegiate Program

View for SEPT 15-21, 2021

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CP3-1SGB1 CP3-1SGB1: Six Sigma Green Belt, Certificate of Proficiency
APCO APCO: Applied Communication, Minor
ECON ECON: Applied Economics, Minor
HURM HURM: Human Resource Management, Minor
MA-MFT MA-MFT: Marriage and Family Therapy, M.A.
MS-ENTM MS-ENTM: Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management, M.S.
MS-CMHC MS-CMHC: Clinical Mental Health Counseling, M.S.
AS-MATH AS-MATH: Mathematics, A.S.
BS-SOC BS-SOC: Sociology, B.S.
BA-SOC BA-SOC: Sociology, B.A. 
AS-DANC1 AS-DANC1: Dance, A.S.
BS-DANC-BRD BS-DANC-BRD: Dance - Ballroom Dance Emphasis, B.S.
BFA-DANC1-MOD BFA-DANC1-MOD: Dance - Modern Dance Emphasis, B.F.A.
PBE UG PBE UG: Secondary Education, Licensure
BA-ESOR1-OREC BA-ESOR1-OREC: Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation - Outdoor Recreation Management Emphasis, B.A. 
BS-ESOR1-OREC BS-ESOR1-OREC: Exercise Science and Outdoor Recreation - Outdoor Recreation Management Emphasis, B.S. 
BFA-DANC1-BAL BFA-DANC1-BAL: Dance - Ballet Emphasis, B.F.A.
BS-DNED BS-DNED: Dance Education, B.S.
AAS-COSC2-CSE AAS-COSC2-CSE: Computer Science - Computer Engineering Emphasis, A.A.S.
MATH MATH: Mathematics, Minor
BS-AVMT BS-AVMT: Aviation Management, B.S.
AAS-COSC2-CPNW AAS-COSC2-CPNW: Computer Science - Computing and Networking Sciences Emphasis, A.A.S.
AAS-AET AAS-AET: Automation and Electrical Technology, A.A.S.
BS-COSC2-CSN BS-COSC2-CSN: Computer Science - Computer Networking Emphasis, B.S.
END-ETEC END-ETEC: Educational Technology, Endorsement
END-EMAE END-EMAE: Elementary Mathematics, Endorsement
END-ELSE END-ELSE: English as Second Language, Endorsement
END-GFTD END-GFTD: Gifted and Talented, Endorsement
BS-EE BS-EE: Electrical Engineering, B.S.
BS-COSC2-FSWD BS-COSC2-FSWD: Computer Science - Full Stack Web Development Emphasis, B.S.
AA-MATH AA-MATH: Mathematics, A.A.
AS-PHSC AS-PHSC: Physical Science, A.S.
END-STEM END-STEM: Elementary STEM, Endorsement
END-RDNG END-RDNG: Reading I, Endorsement
MED-EDUC-EDTE MED-EDUC-EDTE: Master of Education - Educational Technology Emphasis, M.Ed
MED-EDUC-ELMA MED-EDUC-ELMA: Master of Education - Elementary Mathematics Emphasis, M.Ed
MED-EDUC-ELST MED-EDUC-ELST: Master of Education - Elementary STEM Emphasis, M.Ed
MED-EDUC-READ MED-EDUC-READ: Master of Education - Reading I Emphasis, M.Ed
MED-EDUC-TELD MED-EDUC-TELD: Master of Education - Teacher Leadership, Emphasis, M.Ed
GC-1STE GC-1STE: Secondary Teaching, Graduate Certificate
MED-EDUC-STE MED-EDUC-STE: Master of Education - Secondary Teaching Emphasis
MED-EDUC-GFED MED-EDUC-GFED: Master of Education - Gifted and Talented Education Emphasis
MED-EDUC-SHCO MED-EDUC-SHCO: Master of Education - School Counseling Emphasis, M.Ed
MAC-ACCT MAC-ACCT: Master of Accountancy, M.Acc
AAS-BIT2 AAS-BIT2: Building Inspection Technology, A.A.S.
CC-BIT1 CC-BIT1: Building Inspection Technology, Certificate of Completion
BS-ELED BS-ELED: Elementary Education, B.S.
CC-CMGT1 CC-CMGT1: Construction Management, Certificate of Completion
AAS-CMGT1 AAS-CMGT1: Construction Management, A.A.S.
AS-ECED AS-ECED: Early Childhood Education, A.S.
BS-ME BS-ME: Mechanical Engineering, B.S.
BARCH-ARCH BARCH-ARCH: Architecture, B.Arch
CP1-1CMT CP1-1CMT: Construction Management, Certificate of Proficiency
AS-PELE AS-PELE: Pre-Elementary Education, A.S.
AS-ENDT1 AS-ENDT1: Engineering Design Technology, A.S.
CP3-1MUT CP3-1MUT: Music Technology, Certificate of Proficiency
AS-PENG2 AS-PENG2: Pre-Engineering, A.S.
BSW-SOWK BSW-SOWK: Social Work, B.S.W.
BS-CIVE BS-CIVE: Civil Engineering, B.S.
BS-BMED2 BS-BMED2: Business/Marketing Education, B.S.
BS-CMED1 BS-CMED1: Chemistry Education, B.S.
BA-APCO BA-APCO: Applied Communication, B.A.
BS-APCO BS-APCO: Applied Communication, B.S.
BS-CSE1 BS-CSE1: Computer Engineering, B.S.
BA-ECON BA-ECON: Applied Economics, B.A.
BS-ECON BS-ECON: Applied Economics, B.S.
BS-ENSM BS-ENSM: Environmental Science and Management, B.S.
BS-FRSC3 BS-FRSC3: Forensic Science, B.S.
BS-GEOL BS-GEOL: Geology, B.S.
BS-HISS BS-HISS: History and Social Studies Education, B.S.
BS-HURM BS-HURM: Human Resource Management, B.S.
AS-AIM2 AS-AIM2: Administrative Information Management, A.S.
BS-PFP BS-PFP: Personal Financial Planning, B.S.
BA-PHIL1 BA-PHIL1: Philosophy, B.A.
BS-PHIL1 BS-PHIL1: Philosophy, B.S.
BS-PHYS1 BS-PHYS1: Physics, B.S.
BS-PHED BS-PHED: Physics Education, B.S.
BS-POLS1-AMGV BS-POLS1-AMGV: Political Science - American Government Emphasis, B.S.
BS-RESP BS-RESP: Respiratory Therapy, B.S.
BS-SFEG1 BS-SFEG1: Software Engineering, B.S.
BS-TMGT2 BS-TMGT2: Technology Management, B.S.
PHYS PHYS: Physics, Minor
BS-FRSC3-FINV BS-FRSC3-FINV: Forensic Science - Forensic Investigation Emphasis, B.S.
BS-FRSC3-FLAB BS-FRSC3-FLAB: Forensic Science - Forensic Laboratory Emphasis, B.S.
MED-EDUC-ESL MED-EDUC-ESL: Master of Education - English as a Second Language Emphasis, M.Ed
AMIS AMIS: American Indian Studies, Minor
CP3-1ETH CP3-1ETH: Ethics, Certificate of Proficiency
CP3-1ASU CP3-1ASU: Advanced Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Certificate of Proficiency
CP3-1SUD CP3-1SUD: Substance Use Disorder Counseling, Certificate of Proficiency
BA-HIST1 BA-HIST1: History, B.A.
BA-POLS1-AMGV BA-POLS1-AMGV: Political Science - American Government Emphasis, B.A.
BA-POLS1-INAA BA-POLS1-INAA: Political Science - Indian Affairs Administration Emphasis, B.A.
BS-POLS1-INAA BS-POLS1-INAA: Political Science - Indian Affairs Administration Emphasis, B.S.
BS-POLS1-PAPO BS-POLS1-PAPO: Political Science - Public Administration and Public Policy Emphasis, B.S. 
BA-POLS1-PAPO BA-POLS1-PAPO: Political Science - Public Administration and Public Policy Emphasis, B.A. 


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