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Meeting with an advisor will make this process much easier and clearer. You can view pre-dental advisor's contact information under "I have not been admitted to the program" box.

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Prerequisite courses: Applicants must complete all of the following Dental Hygiene program prerequisite courses with a final grade of C or better by the application deadline of February 1st. Keep in mind, these prerequisites might also have their own prerequisites.

Course Number Course Name Credits
ENGL 1010* College Writing I 3
CHEM 1110* Elementary Chemistry for the Health Sciences 4
ZOOL 2320* Human Anatomy 3
ZOOL 2325* Human Anatomy Lab 1
ZOOL 2420* Human Physiology 3
ZOOL 2425* Human Physiology Lab 1

The following four courses can be taken after applying but must be completed upon starting the program and must be completed with a final grade of C- or better:

Course Number Course Name Credits
MATH 1030 or 1035 or 1040 or 1045* Quantitative Reasoning or Quantitative Reasoning with Integrated Algebra or Statistics or Statistics with Algebra or a higher level college math course 3/4/5
COMM 1020 Intro to Public Speaking 3
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology 3
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3

*You cannot take this course more than TWICE for the admission requirements. If you take this course twice, we will use the grade from the SECOND TIME for admission points.



Completion of the Health Science Reasoning Test: Applicants must take the Health Science Reasoning Test given at UVU’s Testing Services Department. The test must be taken between September 1 and January 30. Please contact the UVU Testing Services Department at 801-863-8269 or email them at for the cost of the test as well as any other information about the test. This is a timed test. You must bring a voucher and photo ID when taking the test. The voucher can be picked up from the dental hygiene academic advisor prior to taking the test. Please call them at 801-863-6974 to set up an appointment to pick up the voucher.

You may take the test ONE TIME during the above period. We will not consider scores on the HSRT taken during other application years. The HSRT measures high-stakes reasoning and decision-making processes. The HSRT is specifically calibrated for trainees in health sciences educational programs (undergraduate and graduate) and for professional health science practitioners. Scores on this instrument have been found to predict successful professional licensure and high clinical performance ratings.


Clinic Hours

Clinical Observation: Before applying to the program, students must submit documentation of 20 hours of observation of a practicing dental hygienist. A Verification of Observation Form can be downloaded by clicking on this link or requested by emailing our department advisor.


Letters of Reference

You will need two separate Letters of Reference written by either an employer/supervisor or academic instructor which include:

  •  A paragraph or sentence that explains how this person
     knows you.
  •  An evaluation of your skills/accomplishments/character traits.

These letters need to come directly from the employer/supervisor in a sealed envelope and must be mailed to this UVU address:

Utah Valley University
Department of Dental Hygiene
800 W. University Pkwy,  MS 238
Orem, UT 84058 



Complete a 2-page essay (double spaced, 12 point font) on why you are a good candidate for the UVU hygiene program.



A Department of Dental Hygiene Application must be submitted along with an application fee of $50, made payable to UVU Dental Hygiene.


Finished with all of the prerequisites?

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