Austin Writers Conference 2022

Austin Writers Conference 2022
Learning secrets of screenwriting craft from giants like Meg Lefauve (Inside Out, My Father’s Dragon), Darren Aronofsky (Black Swan, The Whale), and Shane Black (Ironman, The Predator, Lethal Weapon). Schmoozing with cinema movers and shakers from Sony, Disney, and Netflix (and sometimes getting their email address and a promise to continue communicating!) Having a big breakthrough on your own writing project. Hearing how successful pros also deal with discouragement, writers block and frustration with not being able to get the story right. And then the excitement of hearing the stories of breaking through and establishing successful writing careers. These are the reasons advanced UVU Digital Cinema writing majors and minors in the Writing for Entertainment Media program make our annual pilgrimage at the end of October to the premiere media writing event in the world, the Austin Writers Conference. 

Oh, and really great barbecue! 

Austin Writers Conference Photos

Austin Writers Conference Group Photo         Students Eating BBQ  UVU Writing Students (from top left) Ben Fraser, Grant Boothe, Madison Connell, Felix               World famous barbecue for Ben Fraser, Felix Guzman, recent UVU grad and Austin Guzman, and Ethan Hawkins (seated) in the famous Driskill Hotel, Austin.                                                                  Writing Competition semi-finalist Samuel Holladay, and Ethan Hawkins.


Austin Writers Conference Group Photo 2                                                                                                    Taking a break between Austin Writers Conference session, UVU Writing Students Grant Boothe,                                                                                                                                                                                                        Ben Fraser, Felix Guzman, Maddison Connell, and Ethan Hawkins on the streets of the Lone Star State.      

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