Web Design and Development fuses together the interaction design, development, and delivery of rich media content through the medium of the Internet to handheld mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Web Design & Development Emphases

Within the degree, there are 2 emphases:

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Interaction and Design

Experience Design Research

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Web and App Development

Front End Coding

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Senior Projects

Josh Wilsher

"Professors are available, engaging and care about students succeeding. This program set me up for success and helped propel me into the industry with advanced skills and understanding of current and future trends which even helped me bypass entry level positions.”

— Josh Wilsher

More Jobs = Higher Paying Careers!

Job Opportunities in Utah

Graph: Median Pay for Tech Jobs in SLC. Early Career Pay - $52,800. Mid-Career Pay - $87,500.

In an article titled "America's fastest-growing tech cities aren't on the coasts" by Irina Ivanova from CBS News, Salt Lake City was listed at the 7th fastest growing with one year growth at 117% and the early career pay at $52,800 extending to the mid-career pay at 87,500.

The Wasatch Intermountain region makes up the new Silicon Slopes, with companies like Adobe, Microsoft, Instructure, eBay and many more tech business moving to Utah. There are many opportunities to work in the tech sector.


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Compensation—Education Pays!

Graph: Web Developer Salary - College vs. Bootcamp. Low Range: Bootcamp Graduates $50,302 vs. University Graduates $88,817. High Range: Bootcamp Graduates $70,543 vs University Graduates $120,620.

Traditional university graduates earned the most money out of this study group. University graduates earned from $88,817 to $120,620 compared to bootcamp graduates who earned from $50,302 to $70,543. They suggested that a good strategy to making money is to "enter the market with a fair salary, centered around $60k, taking advantage of minor advancements or raises, then make career/employer moves to increase your pay in larger leaps ... every couple years.

October of 2017 Michael Jasper - Citation


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