Extended Reality and Simulations Info Session

Extended Reality and Simulations Info Session

Professor Michael Harper and Marty Clayton showed off the new topic of study offered in the Animation and Game Development bachelor. Students gathered on the 4th floor of the atrium in the Computer Science Building to see the latest in Extended Reality hardware (XR). There were several Hololens 2’s and the new Meta Quest Pro headsets being demoed. 

The fledgling XR Extended Reality and Simulations program will be a full bachelors degree coming in the Fall of 2024. Classes like the Extended Reality Essential class (DGM 1645) are now live in the UVU catalog for the Spring 2023 semester. High school students can even start their XR journey in the concurrent enrollment program throughout Utah high schools starting this next fall. 


"In ten years almost every aspect of where we are headed will have some aspect of VR."

- Professor Michael Harper


Learn more about the direction the program is going from Professor Michael Harper's post on LinkedIn

Info Session Photos

Students trying out the headsets at the info session.     Students at the Info Session .    Students at the Info Session

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