London UXpedition

London UXpedition

By: Jenna Berndt

Over the summer, a group of Utah Valley University’s (UVU) Web Design and Development students had the opportunity to participate in a UXpedition trip to London and Scotland. One of the main goals of a trip like the London UXpedition is to get students out to a location that they are unfamiliar with to learn more about businesses and to meet with professionals in the area.  

During the first four days of the trip, the students’ schedule was packed tight with a visit to the  Amazon Web Services (AWS) Headquarters in London, a lunch with a UX designer, a walk around the Design Museum, and of course, the beautiful tourist sights.  

After spending time in London, the group traveled to Scotland where they were hosted at the University of Edinburgh by the Design Informatics group. At Edinburgh, students attended lectures and presentations to gain a better understanding of how the intersection of technology, design, and data work together. The Web Design and Development students were also given a tour of the campus and some of the amazing technology there on Edinburgh’s campus like the robot lab.  

Additionally, the students visited the campus of the University of Glasgow, where two seniors were working on their senior projects. The senior projects included an educational program that was targeted towards an audience of 5th and 6th graders. While in London and Scotland, the two students prepared two podcasts and created a package of content and materials on the Scottish Enlightenment.  

The trip was a fabulous and educational adventure for the UVU students, expanding their horizons on the great opportunities inside the UX industry.  

“The London UXpedition with UVU opened a lot of doors for me,” Web Design and Development student, Natalie Black said. “ I was able to make so many connections and learn some important things that are important to my career in UX design.” 


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London and Scotland Photos

Group photo    Group photo    Photo of a bridge over a body of water

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