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Earn an Associate of Applied Science, certificate, or minor in Digital Media and use it as the core for a bachelor’s degree in one of our four programs: animation and game development, digital audio production, digital cinema production, and web design and development.

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A.A.S. in Digital Communication Technology

63 Credits to Graduate

Earn either a Certificate of Proficiency in Digital Cinema, Associate in Applied Science degree, or a Bachelor of Science degree. Areas of emphasis include digital communication technology, audio production, digital motion picture production, gaming and animation, and internet technologies.

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Minor in Digital Media

22 Credits to Graduate

Practical application in the production of electronically generated content to be delivered via internet, radio and television, digital cinema, computer games, animation and cinematic visual effects, as well as for emerging technologies such as mobile computing (hand-held computing devices).

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Digital Media Certificate of Proficiency

16 Credits to Graduate

This certificate is designed to provide high school students an opportunity to obtain a certificate of proficiency while still enrolled in high school, which not only gives initial employability skills, but also stacks into associate degrees at UVU.

Stack Your Degrees

The Digital Media Certificate of Proficiency and the Digital Communication Technology A.A.S. can both be used as the start of a bachelor’s degree within the DGM department. Explore our four programs and find one that's right for you!

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"I Loved Digital Media."

"UVU digital alumni here. I loved digital media. Since graduating, I have gone on to do some pretty great things with my degree."

Cortland Johnson, UVU Digital Media Alum