Ask Wilson

Ask Wilson

Ask Wilson's Transformation

We are pleased to announce that the Ask Wilson product will undergo a significant transformation effective May 1, 2023. The upcoming changes will introduce a new product that offers enhanced flexibility and agility, allowing for rapid and effective content updates. This upgrade will enable continuous improvement over time, giving users a better experience than ever before.
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Rollout Schedule

The transformation of Ask Wilson will take effect on May 1. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ask Wilson? 

    Ask Wilson is UVU's A.I.-powered chatbot service. It provides quick and efficient answers to common questions that students, faculty, and staff may have. 

  • How is Ask Wilson changing? 

    On May 1, the chatbot is undergoing significant updates to enhance its flexibility and agility, allowing for rapid and effective content updates.

  • Where is Ask Wilson available? 

    Ask Wilson is available on all UVU sites where the previous chatbot was published (see the Ask Wilson page for details).

  • Can I help improve Ask Wilson? 

    Yes! Faculty and staff can play a pivotal role in evolving the scope and depth of Ask Wilson's content. To help add content to Ask Wilson for your area, see the instructions on the Ask Wilson Departmental Training page. 

  • My department isn't included in Ask Wilson. How can I get involved?

    Please contact [email protected] to schedule training for your department.

  • Is there self-paced training on Ask Wilson?

    Self-paced training is available online for those who are interested in learning how to publish content on Ask Wilson. Please visit to access the training resources.

Getting Help

If you need assistance or have any further questions,  the UVU Service Desk is available to help you.  

Future Plans

We plan to continue developing and expanding Ask Wilson. To learn more about Ask Wilson's upcoming milestones and more, visit