The UVU School of Education consistently seeks to be a productive and engaged member of local, state, and national communities. Our faculty members work with local schools and school districts to provide enrichment programs for Utah Valley students and professional development opportunities for Utah teachers. Our teacher candidates serve students in schools around the state as they learn to become effective educators. The School of Education is actively involved in partnering with community leaders to develop even innovative designs for teacher education and K-12 student learning.

Robotics Education K16

Kids learning about robotics

UVU's School of Education is collaborating with Alpine School District and Learning Through Robotics to provide enrichment classes in robotics for fifth and sixth grade students. Specially trained teacher candidates from the School of Education work with these elementary students to help them learn about the mathematics and technology associated with building and using robots.

Latino Educators of Tomorrow

UVU's Latino Educators of Tomorrow (LET) program helps guide Latino college students through the decision to become a teacher, explaining the benefits to pursuing a career path in education. One-on-one mentoring and scholarship opportunities are available to LET students, to support them in their path to teaching.

Why should you participate in the LET program?

  • Becoming a teacher will benefit your immediate and extended families.
  • Utah needs more Latino teachers.
  • You will be able to represent Latino cultures in the schools.
  • You will be able to be a positive influence in the entire community.
  • Most importantly, you will have the opportunity to enhance the lives and learning of countless young students.

For more information about his program, please contact
Dr. Axel Donizetti Ramirez