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The School of Education prepares educators and leaders to enhance the quality of life for individuals and communities. Through engaged pedagogy, transformative collaborations, and meaningful innovations, we cultivate equity and inspire lifelong learning.

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Intercultural Engagement


Teachers have the unique opportunity of working with students from diverse cultural backgrounds; however, cultural barriers can often pose a threat to effective learning in the classroom.

The School of Education’s Intercultural program provides students the opportunity of working in diverse classroom settings enabling them to learn how to more effectively teach across cultures. Our intercultural teaching destinations are strategically selected to involve locations, languages, and cultures connected to  educational programs.

2024 Locations include Tonga and New Zealand

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Creative Learning Studio


The purpose of the STEM Creative Learning Studio is to support pre-service and in-service teachers’ facilitation of STEM integrative practices in K-12 classrooms in an effort to promote equity and opportunity for every student in the state of Utah.

These integrative practices include interdisciplinary approaches to:

  • Increase K-12 students’ self-efficacies in and attitudes toward STEM subjects, technology, robotics, and coding.
  • Increase K-12 students’ exposure to technology, robotics, and coding.
  • Increase pre- and in-service teachers’ self-efficacy in and attitudes toward integrative. practices, particularly with regard to the use of technology, robotics, and coding across the curriculum.
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Professional Development


Improving Learning Outcomes

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The UVU School of Education's professional development opportunities are crafted for a broad cross-section of educational stakeholders: parents, school administrators, teachers, business and community leaders, and others who shape or implement educational policy. Through a variety of approaches to learning – seminars, workshops, lectures, webinars, and online and face-to-face courses – participants acquire new perspectives on teaching and learning, deepen their repertoire of instructional skills, engage in personal reflection, and build lasting professional networks.

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Community Involvement


K-16 Alliance

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This educational alliance is chaired by the president of Utah Valley University, the president of MTECH, and a public school superintendent representative with the shared goal to include and help students progress at every level, in every school environment in the service region. The Alliance has established priorities for K-12, charter, technical, and college students to increase educational attainment in the Mountainland region.

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