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Since its beginnings in 2010, the For the Love of Reading Conference has recognized professionals who make a difference in the literacy lives of kids and youths across the region through our Literacy ChampionLegacy Award. Past recipients have included such notables as Gene Nelson, Nedra Call, Marilyn Kofford, Deanie Wimmer, and Nancy Livingston.  

In addition to the Literacy Champion—LegacyAward, we are pleased to announce two new awards that will be givenannually beginning at the 2023 Conference. These awards are the Literacy ChampionTeacher Award and the Literacy ChampionLibrarian Award.

Details for the 2023 Awards:

  1. Awardees will receive complimentary registration for both days of the 2023 Conference.  
  2. Awardees will be recognized on Monday, Oct. 9, 2023, the first day of the Conference. 
  3. Awardees are invited to attend the Author Dinner on the evening of Oct. 9. 

Award Descriptions and Nomination Process:

The Literacy ChampionLegacy Award recognizes those who have made and are still making significant contributions to the literacy of students. These efforts may include, but are not limited to, working directly with students, helping and leading teachers to become more effective and passionate literacy teachers, and/or advocating with the community on behalf of schools, teachers, and students over many years. Recipients of this award are both an inspiration and a resource for all parties interested in students’ literacy and love of reading.  

The decision to award this recognition will be based on the quality of nominated individuals and so may not be awarded annually.


The Literacy ChampionTeacherAward recognizes the herculean tasks that teachers undertake to foster a love of reading in and improve the literacy skills of their students. These are teachers at any grade level and with any amount of experience. In addition to demonstrating excellent teaching skills, the recipient of this award consistently develops a love of reading in their students through a combination of pedagogical skill, interpersonal relationships, knowledge about age- and interest-appropriate literature, and a love for their students. These teachers inspire their students to achieve greater levels of learning and engagement when reading all types of texts. Furthermore, these teachers help other teachers improve their own practice of creating classroom environments that foster a love of reading.  

This award will be given annually beginning with the 2023 Conference. Recipients are chosen from teachers who are nominated by a peer.


The Literacy ChampionLibrarianAward recognizes the vital role that librarians play in the literate and intellectual lives of the community they serve, including students, teachers, and schools. Recipients of this award are innovative in how they reach out to their communities, consistent in their efforts to spread a love of reading and learning to those they serve, regardless of level or venue (school or public library) and committed to literacy and their communities.  

This award is annually bestowed on a deserving librarian or group of librarians chosen from a pool of nominated librarians.


Literacy Champion Award Nominations are due July 15,2023

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