For the Love of Reading Conference - October 28-29, 2024

At the Provo Marriott

We are excited to announce some of our line up for this year!


About the Conference

UVU's For the Love of Reading Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, parents, librarians and others to discuss and share the best in books, teaching, and innovations for changing lives through literacy.

Fostering a love for reading is not a curricular objective taught in schools, isn't regulated by state or federal legislation and isn't assessed by state or school districts. The lack of attention in schools and in homes has resulted in an exponential increase in aliteracy.

At the For the Love of Reading Conference we learn how to make a difference by engaging readers to develop a life-long passion for reading and learning.

Join us at our annual conference to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of young readers.

Why Should I Attend?

UVU's Forum on Engaged Reading gives educators, professionals, parents and leaders the opportunity to learn from local, state, and national experts who are award-winning authors and illustrators and who are leaders in literacy education and reading motivation. These experts join us to  inspire individuals
to foster a greater love for reading and learning.

People who attend the conference leave with motivation and inspiration to immediately apply innovative ideas and strategies that will open a world of determination, imagination and endless possibilities in the literacy lives of
young people. 



Planning Committee

Name Conference Role Organization
Lorilynn Brandt  Breakout Sessions; Scholarships; Read-A-Difference  BYU, Teacher Education  

Brooks Burr

Fundraising, Giveaways 

UVU, Institutional Advancement

Nedra Call

Awards & Scholarships

Former Nebo School District Curriculum Director

Mitzi Cooper

Giveaways; Bookstore; Awards & Scholarships

Alpine School District, 3rd Grade Teacher

Raven Cromwell 

Best Books; Preparing to Make a Reading Difference; Breakout Sessions; Awards & Scholarships 

UVU, Elementary Education

Merinda Davis

Director, Love of Reading

Alpine School District, Social Studies and Literacy Specialist  

Kalani Eggington

Chair, Love of Reading; Executive Committee

UVU, Elementary Education

Doug Gardner

Executive Director; Executive Committee

UVU, Student Leadership & Success Studies 

Mandy Luszeck

Co-Chair, Love of Reading

UVU, English

Keri Measom 

Evening Activities 

UVU, Elementary Education  

Liz Nelson

Awards & Scholarships; Assessment; Breakout Sessions

UVU, English

Wendy Oldroyd 

Finances; Executive Committee

UVU, School of Education, Assistant to the Dean  

Nancy Peterson

Speaker Selection

Retired, UVU School of Education

Jaime Sadlier

Breakout Sessions

Alpine School District, Director of Literacy 7-12

Marni Sanft

Scholarships, Breakout Session, and Awards Selection

UVU, Student Leadership and Success Studies

Tracy Sermon

Co-Chair, Love of Reading

UVU, Elementary Education

Tom Smith

Assessment; Breakout Sessions

UVU, English

Malynda Tolbert

Co-Chair, Love of Reading

UVU, Elementary Education

Teri Webb

Director, Love of Reading

Alpine School District, Instructional Coach




For the Love of Reading Conference empowers participants to engage and motivate students as life-long readers. While concerned educators and legislators continue filling the gaps in essential literacy skills and resources, we are continually challenged by young readers who have not learned to love reading, and who, without your inspiration,  may never hold a book to their hearts and say, “I have to find another book like this one!” 

It takes as little as $250 to sponsor a dynamic presenter with answers and ideas we can take home with us and turn on one, or a whole room full of young readers.  

Your donation today means new programs, new presenters, new first-time attendees, and new inspiration for all of us who want to make a difference in children’s reading lives. Will you or someone you know consider sponsoring a scholarship, a speaker, or a special event at our next conference? 

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