2020 For the Love of Reading Digital Event

We are excited you chose to join us for the 2020 For the Love of Reading Digital Event! We have a lot of amazing and unique content for you to engage with over the next week. 

To enter the conference, click on the button below and use the username and password you received in your email. If you did not receive the email or have any question, please email us at uvuengagedreading@uvu.edu.

Sorry the 2020 For the Love of Reading Digital Event has ended. We will see you in 2021!


About the Conference

UVU's For the Love of Reading Conference provides an opportunity for teachers, parents, librarians and others to discuss and share the best in books, teaching, and innovations for changing  lives through literacy.

Fostering a love for reading is not a curricular objective taught in schools, isn't regulated by state or federal legislation and isn't assessed by state or school districts. The lack of attention in schools and in home has resulted in an exponential increase in aliteracy. 

At the For the Love of Reading Conference we learn how to make a difference by engaging readers to develop alife-long passion for reading and learning.

Join us at our annual conference to learn how you can make a difference in the lives of young readers. 




What People are saying about the program

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“As public-school teachers, we face tremendous challenges striving to motivate children to discover that love of reading. In today's culture, education is undervalued, reading is not seen as cool, and school is not as exciting as the latest computer game. It is a constant battle. As a result, this conference with its magical location and peaceful environment, has helped me find healing for my spirit. I really mean this. In the school system, it is a constant emphasis on examining student data and test scores. It is refreshing to be reminded of the love of reading that all of us have at this conference, and receiving inspiration on how to instill that love of reading in our students. This love of reading will change our students' lives forever, as it has mine. That is why we are here.”

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“I have loved listening and learning from all the keynote speakers. I loved that the conference is focused on reading and writing. Also, every breakout session I attended felt well worth my time. I was able to learn about the writing strategy Blueprinting that I can go back and implement in my schools right away. Another session I was able to get some amazing reading strategy ideas and resources I am excited to implement in my schools as well. I have been impressed with the presenters’ energy, expertise, and attitudes. It has been refreshing to learn from experts in the field.”



I look forward to this conference every year. I come away with so many great ideas to use in my library, I like hearing about new books, hear from authors and illustrators, and lists of reviewed books to purchase for my library, for grandchildren and for myself. I love meeting people from all over our state with the same passions as me; books for children and young adults and books for me. This is great! Thank you so much for putting this all together and making it such enjoyable experience. “


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