Evaluation Forms and Rubric

Over the course of the student teacher’s placement, University Supervisors will make four formative observations. For each of these, a formative evaluation is filled out. Intern Coaches and Cooperating Teachers will make two formative observations and fill out the corresponding formative evaluations. At the conclusion of the student teaching, University Supervisors, Intern Coaches, and Cooperating Teachers will fill out a summative evaluation. These evaluations will be done online, and the link for each one will be emailed to you one to two weeks before the deadlines. (Refer to the current calendars for deadlines.) After each formative observation, sit down with your student teacher to discuss her or his strengths and areas for improvement, using the formative evaluation as a guide. The summative evaluation should serve as a letter of recommendation from you.

The links below are for your reference only. The summative and formative evaluations are digital and will arrive in your email approximately 1-2 weeks prior to deadline. 

Sample Formative Evaluation

Sample Summative Evaluation

PAES rubric