Student Teaching / Internships

Student Teaching/Internships provide students the opportunity to practice what has been learned on the university campus and, more importantly, to continue academic and professional growth.


Formative Evaluations

The student teaching/internship requires precise observation and feedback of the classroom experience. This necessitates the involvement of the student teacher/intern, cooperating/mentor teacher, and university supervisor in an ongoing process of evaluation. Cooperating/Mentor teachers and university supervisors should be open and honest in providing timely feedback to the student teacher/intern. Classroom teaching observations are designed to assist in the growth and development of a student teacher/intern. Student teachers/interns will be observed a minimum of two times by the cooperating/mentor teacher and four times by the university supervisor. After each formative observation, the cooperating/mentor teacher or university supervisor will sit down with the student teacher/intern to discuss her or his strengths and areas for improvement, using the formative evaluation as a guide.

Summative Evaluations

Near the end of the student teaching experience, the university supervisor and cooperating/mentor teacher should each complete a summative evaluation and review the results with the student teacher/intern. The summative evaluation is a required document for graduation and licensure and is written in the form of a letter of recommendation. All summative evaluations must be signed by the student teacher/intern and the evaluator in order for the student teacher to pass student teaching, graduate, and be recommended for licensure. An overall score of 80% or higher on the summative evaluation must be achieved in order to pass student teaching.


Sample Evaluations

The links below are for reference only. The formative and summative evaluations are digital and a personalized link will be emailed to mentor teacher/intern coach, and university supervisor at the beginning of the student teaching semester.

Sample Formative Evaluation

Sample Summative Evaluation

PAES rubric