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Fall 2023

Program Details

Utah Valley University, and the Fachhochschule St Pölten GmbH / St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences in Austria, recognizing the benefits to be gained by both institutions through an exchange program aimed at promoting scholarly activities and multi-cultural understanding.

The St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences was founded in 1993 and has approximately 3,000 students enrolled. It currently offers 22 degree programmes. Study opportunities comprise degree programmes and continuing education courses in the fields of Health and Social Sciences, Business, Mobility, and Technology.

Inbound Student Process

In order for Utah Valley University to finalize your application for admission and issue you and DS-2019 form, please send the following items in an application packet to the UVU Exchange Coordinator:

  1. SEVIS DS-2019 Student/Scholar Request Form (J-1 VISA): The following form will be completed by the Office for Global Engagement’s Exchange Coordinator. Please review and provide your UVU contact with all the information required on this form: https://www.uvu.edu/iss/docs/j1_ds-2019_request1.pdf
  2. Invitation and Sponsorship Letters:Your UVU academic advisor who is coordinating your exchange program will also provide two letters: an invitation letter, a sponsorship letter. There should be an additional letter which states they will ensure your academic tuition is sponsored by the department.  J-1 Sample Invitation LetterJ1 Sample Sponsorship Letter
  3. Copy of Passport Personal Information Page: Please make sure that your name, place of birth, date of birth, and other details are completely legible on the passport copy. Passports need to be valid up to six months after the date of your intended departure from the United States. For example, if you plan to remain in the U.S. through June 2022, your passport must be valid until at least December 2022.
  4. Certification of Financial SupportIn order for UVU to issue a DS-2019 visa authorization form, the U.S. government requires every applicant to submit evidence of financial support. The funding must show evidence of at least $5,500 for one semester or $11,000 for two semesters. Your source of funding may be one of the following:
    1. Personal Bank Account - You may provide a statement of your bank account showing evidence of funds; it must be written on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official.
    2. Parent’s Bank Account - You may provide a statement of your parent’s bank account showing evidence of funds; it must be written on bank letterhead and signed by a bank official. You must also submit an affidavit of support – stating your parents intend to support you while you are studying at UVU.
  5. English Language Proficiency: Verification Students must supply one of the following forms to verify proficiency:
    1. Copy of diploma, academic transcript, or confirmation of enrollment in an institution where English is the medium of instruction
    2. Letter from representative (on letterhead) from academic institution or English language school confirming sufficient proficiency
    3. Original TOEFL score report sent by ETS AND/OR TOEFL Examinee Score Report or IELTS Test Report Form
  6. Application to UVU: Submit an application online at apply.uvu.edu. (Note: you will need to create an account in order to complete it).  On the application, when given a choice for student type,  choose Non-degree seeking. Complete the application online and pay the application fee.
  7. Acceptance to UVU: Advise GEO (Office for Global Engagement) once you have been accepted.
  8. Student Visa: UVU will send you the documents that must be presented at the U.S. Embassy in the country where you reside. Make sure you have been accepted to UVU before making an appointment to meet with embassy officials.
  9. UVU Check-in: Once you arrive at UVU, please go to the International Students Services desk to check in. It is found in the Liberal Arts Building LA 114.
  10. UVU Courses: One you meet with with DGM Advisor to select courses, up to a total of 12 credits.
  11. Accommodations: Once accepted, students are responsible to find their own hosing during their stay at UVU. For options on housing, please see the following link: uvu.edu/housing.
  12. Insurance: If you have insurance from you own country, make sure it covers medical treatments in the United States. UVU will not be responsible for medical bills that your insurance provider does not cover. You may wish to purchase insurance from a local provider for the time you will be at UVU.

For more information contact Carlos Alarco in the Office for Global Engagement at carlos.alarco@uvu.edu 


Outbound Student Process

Each international destination has its own Covid-19 requirements and it is the travelers responsibility to find out what is required at the destination. UVU will not be responsible for covering the cost of hotel quarantine, Covid-19 testing in foreign destinations, or any other costs associated with Covid-19 while in a foreign country.

All students that are interested in participating on the Austria St. Pölten UAS - UVU Exchange Program (regardless of financial aid status) will need to do the following:

General Information

  • Department Contact: Meet with Michael Harper in the Digital Media Department (DGM) about participating in this program. Find out about the different program options available to them.
  • Office of Education Abroad: Find out about UVU International Exchange application procedures by making an appointment to meet with the Coordinator for Education Abroad. Email studyabroad@uvu.edu.
  • Department Advisor: Meet with the DGM Advisor and discuss the credits that you will receive for the exchange.

UVU Travel Application

If the student wants to move forward with the application, then they would do the following:

  • UVU Online Application: Complete the Study Abroad Travel Registration (Choose International Student Exchange from the dropdown list). This application requires a $75 non-refundable application fee.

Acceptance and Commitment

Wait for an official acceptance email from UVU’s Office for Education Abroad that outlines the next steps that include the following:

  • International Insurance Fee: Pay the $300 non-refundable international travel insurance fee. Paying this insurance fee shows your commitment to participate on the exchange program. The fee is to pay for international health, safety, and evacuation insurance required by UVU policy 252.  Students will be required to purchase additional insurance as required by Austrian law for international students.
  • UVU Tuition: Students will be registered for 12 place-holder credits designated with a ZZZ prefix.  that will act as a place holder for the credits you will transfer back from your host university. This course carries 12 credit hours of UVU tuition  that you must pay by tuition payment deadline.
  • International Travel Predeparture Forms/Documents: The following documentation needs to be completed six weeks before travel:
    • Pre-Departure Orientation Videos: Watch three narrated orientation videos that cover basics for international travel, health and safety for international travel, and cultural awareness.
    • Assumption of Risk and Release: Complete the Assumption of Risk and Release form.
    • Export Control: Complete the online Export Control form.
    • Passport: Bring a copy of the information page of the passport to the Office of Education Abroad. The passport must be valid 6 months after their return date.
    • Advanced Credit Approval Form: Complete an Advanced Credit Approval form (available from the Office of Education Abroad). The form lists the courses that will be taken overseas and their UVU equivalent credits. This form needs to be signed by the Advisor, the Department Chair of the Digital Media Department.

Important Dates

Here are some important dates that students need to remember

  • UVU Application needs to be submitted by March 1, 2023
  • Pay Tuition by Fall Semester UVU tuition due date (August 3)
  • Program Begins in Austria in September 2022
  • Marshall Scholarship Application completed in March - Ernst Mach Grant Application due March 1

Estimated Program Costs

  • UVU Fall 2023 Tuition: ~$3,005 (in-state resident 12-18 credits)
  • $75 UVU Application Fee
  • $300 Required International Insurance Fee charged by UVU

Estimated Additional Costs Not Included in UVU Tuition

  • Airfare (approx $1000-$1300)
  • St. Pölten Housing: $350 - $400 per month (EURO $300-350) X 4 months = $1400 - $1600
  • Food: $300 per month (EURO 250) X 4 = $1200
  • Incidentals: $350 per month (EURO 300) X 4 = $1400
  • Enrollment and Austrian National Union of Students dues (mandatory) (EURO 20)X4 ~$100
  • Passport (approx $165)

**Students should be prepared to pay out-of-pocket for possible COVID tests or quarantine stays if required by the host country for entry or exit.

Financial Aid

If students want to use Financial Aid to pay tuition and cost of attendance, they will need to complete the Study Abroad Financial Aid Budget Sheet (available from the Office of Education Abroad) before meeting with the Financial Aid Office. Financial Aid will provide the following forms:

  • Student Certification Form: Students will also need to submit this form to Financial Aid Office before departure.
  • Student Verification of Enrollment: Students will need to submit this form to Financial Aid upon arrival to your host university.
  • Progress Verification Form: Students will need to submit this form to Financial Aid to verify that they are passing or have passed their courses.

St Pölten UAS Application Procedures

Students will communicate with and receive emails from St. Pölten UAS requesting information required for enrollment, lodging, etc. Students will be responsible for responding to these requests in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the exchange experience.

  • Don't start this process until told to do so by the Office of Education Abroad.
  • Contact the Office for International Relations at St Polten UAS to complete course registration, housing, orientation, etc. More information about the courses is available here: https://www.fhstp.ac.at/en/international/incoming-students/courses-in-english
  • Student Visa: Contact the Austrian Consulate General in Los Angeles for more information about student visas. Additional information on visas can be found here. Due to visa protocols, you may be required to travel to the embassy in person. Students are responsible for to obtain their own student visa for their exchange.
  • STEP Registration: U.S citizens should register with the U.S. embassy in Austria via the STEP program. 


You will receive other email communications from Paige Myers in the UVU Office of Education Abroad and from representatives from St. Pöltens and your academic department at UVU.  You are responsible for responding to requests for information and for following instructions. Please contact Paige Myers with any questions or concerns.

 Student Visa for Austria: Student are responsible for to obtain their own student visa for their exchange, for more information click here.

Admission into a UVU Study Abroad program is non-discriminatory. UVU admits persons without regard to gender, race, creed, religion, national origin, age, or disability who meet UVU's academic requirements, agree to abide by the Student Rights and Responsibility Code of Conduct, and are otherwise qualified.

Additional Program information

  • Students participating in the exchange will register and pay tuition and fees associated to this exchange at their home institution. 
  • The International Student Exchange program is a self-supported program which charges an amount equal to the resident tuition rate for 12 credits and is exempt from inclusion in the 12-18 credit flat rate rule.  For information on UVU Tuition, please use the following link:uvu.edu/tuition.
  • Incoming students can only take 12 UVU course credits.  Click here for information about UVU's Digital Media courses. They will also need to follow the Academic Calendar dates for the semester they will be t UVU, see additional information here. https://www.uvu.edu/academicaffairs/calendars/cal21-22.html
  • There are additional costs relating to school materials and accommodations that the student will be required to pay while in Austria, more information available from the program coordinator.
  • The Austrian government requires all students studying there to purchase health insurance, this is in addition to the insurance required to be purchased through UVU.
  • Due to Covid-19, outbound students may need to provide proof of Vaccination and/or quarantine for 10-14 days before attending classes. It is the student's responsibility to find suitable accommodations and pay any fees required by the Austrian Government. More information will become available during Fall semester 2021.
  • Note: Tuition Waivers cannot be used for International Exchange Programs

Program Director

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Travel Report

Students are strongly encouraged to read the U.S. State Department’s country information webpage for the most up-to-date information on travel advisories, entry, exit, and visa requirements, safety, security, health, and other important travel factors.