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The listing of rental units on this site is simply provided as a convenience to Utah Valley University, students, faculty and staff. The owners/management of the rental properties listed are solely responsible for reporting information fairly and accurately. The University does not review or verify such information for fairness or accuracy, and the University cannot and does not guarantee or vouch for the fairness or accuracy of the information provided. The inclusion of any property or rental unit on this website does not constitute and shall not be construed or reported as 1) an endorsement or approval by the University of the landlord, its properties or business practices, or 2) any warranty or representation by the University to the suitability, cleanliness, safety or other attributes of the rental properties, including but not limited to the properties' compliance with building, safety or fire codes, nor any representation as to the owners or their management agents. The University expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise with regard to such rental units and with regard to disputes between landlords and tenants concerning such properties or rental units. All prospective tenants are encouraged to exercise their own good judgment when evaluating prospective rental units and landlords, and consult with legal counsel as necessary when reviewing lease agreements.


The RCL Program Partners are not an affiliate or unit of Utah Valley University. The only relationship between UVU, the Off-Campus Housing, and Residence Life Department is a contractual relationship. Through this relationship, our Residential Community Leadership Program works with these off-campus properties to provide off-campus programing and student leadership opportunities to help create communities and school pride at these properties. Neither Utah Valley University nor the RCL Program Partners are authorized to act as agent for the other.

Housing Scholarships

REC Program

RCL Program

The Residential Community Leadership Program or RCL Program is a unique residence life program that works specifically to engage students in off-campus housing.

This program offers a full housing scholarship to those accepted into the program.

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Honors Program

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Utah Valley University provides opportunities for highly motivated students pursuing any associate or baccalaureate degree to realize academic, professional, and personal potential.

This program offers a 1/2 housing scholarship to those who earn the competitive award.

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Buying or Selling a Contract?

Use our classifieds section to buy and sell housing contracts. Each classified system has a separate registration so that ads can be placed onto each site.

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  • PadMapper
  • Facebook Groups
  • Trulia
  • ForRent
  • Utah Real Estate
  • KSL Classifieds
  • Zillow

Posting with each classified system may increase the chances of the housing advertisement being viewed.



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