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College life is going to be super fun and exciting! It's a time to find your freedom, meet new friends, take on new responsibilities, and to find a comfortable place where you can make things happen! At the Department of Housing and Residence Life, we want you to know that everything here is ready to go! We know that you expect to find a great place where you can do some serious study and have an awesome social life too! We know you don't want to live just anywhere, you want a fresh new feel where friends and fun conveniently find you! You want your college experience to be amazing!

At Utah Valley University, we are here to quickly connect you with student housing options and resident resources that will help you make the right choices for your housing needs. Our goal is to assist you in becoming educated and trained in student housing so that you can navigate your housing needs like a pro! We're here to make it simple and easy. It's time to move in!