Costs and Funding

Cost of studying abroad

The Office of Education Abroad recognizes that cost is a significant factor to consider when deciding to study abroad. Costs vary considerably by program. We encourage you to “shop around” to find a program that meets both your academic and personal goals as well as your budget.

Costs not included in program fees

While program fees cover many expenses of your Study Abroad experience, there are other expenses for which you will be responsible:

  • UVU tuition: The program fees you pay for in connection to your study abroad program cover only a portion of the costs. Much of the funding for your program comes from university tuition. While you are studying abroad, you continue to pay normal tuition, and some of that money helps pay for your international program. This financial arrangement means that you are still able to make use of financial aid, scholarships, etc. Questions regarding how to use scholarships, Pell Grants, or other financial aid to pay for your tuition and program fees should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.
  • Round-trip airfare: Airfare to your study destination is arranged individually. Many students plan to do personal travel before or after their program, which wouldn’t be possible if all travel were arranged for the whole group. In addition, arranging your own travel is likely to be more cost-effective than group travel would be, as you can use frequent flyer miles, or book less expensive reservations that wouldn’t be available for a group, etc.
  • Discretionary spending: Souvenirs, an occasional meal that isn’t covered by the program, personal side trips — these sorts of things will come out of your personal funds while on study abroad.

Refunds and cancellation policy

We understand that circumstances can change — you may find it necessary to withdraw from the program you chose. Here is some important information regarding withdrawal from a Study Abroad program:

  • By paying the $500 deposit you are committing to participate in the Study Abroad program and pay the full program fee. If you withdraw from the program after paying the deposit, your student account may be charged up to the full program fee to pay any non-recoverable costs incurred by the university on your behalf. Both the $75 application fee and $500 deposit are non-refundable.
  • To withdraw from a program after paying the deposit, you must submit a Study Abroad Withdrawal Form.
  • In the event that a Study Abroad program is cancelled by the university (due to low enrollment, program director discretion, unrest in country of travel, pandemic, etc.) you will be notified via email by the Office of Education Abroad. Provided that funds have not already been expended by the university, the application fee, deposit, and any program fees paid may be refunded to the card you used to make the initial payments or to your UVU student account. UVU will make every effort to recover program expenses already expended, but this may not be possible due to timing and the nature of the program cancellation.


This payment system is for students who have been accepted into a UVU Study Abroad program. Once accepted, you will receive an email from the Office of Education Abroad with payment information.

If you have not yet applied, visit our application page. If you have not yet received an acceptance letter, please contact the program director of your chosen Study Abroad Program. Please allow 3-5 business days for your payment to process.

Financial aid

If you have scholarships or financial aid to pay some of your tuition and program fee costs, you will need to submit a Study Abroad Financial Aid Budget Sheet by the study abroad program payment deadline (mid March) AND set up a payment plan with UVU’s Collections Office. The Financial Aid Budget Sheet requires you to meet with an advisor from the Office of Education Abroad and with an advisor from Financial Aid. Please reach out to [email protected] to set up an appointment to discuss your financial aid at your earliest convenience.