Level 6 Perks

  • Level 6 courses fulfill the 16-credit foreign language requirement for an A.A./B.A. degree at UVU
  • ESL 211G fulfills the Global/Intercultural requirement for a BA/BS at UVU.
  • Level 6 students can matriculate into general UVU classes (no application or TOEFL/IELTS score required)
  • Register for Capitol Reef Courses
  • Research & conference presentation opportunities
  • Completion Celebration
Completion celebration photo

ELL Completion/Exit Requirements

Successful completion of the ELL Intensive English Program requires that a student meet the following requirements:

    1. Coursework:Successful completion of four (4) Level 6 classes
      • ESL 211G Advanced Listening & Speaking
      • ESL 2120 Advanced Reading & Vocabulary
      • ESL 2120 Advanced Composition
      • ESL 2140 Advanced Grammar
      • ESL 2150 TOEFL Preparation*

A cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.33 is required. No individual course grades can be lower than a C-.

    1. Teacher Recommendations: All ELL teachers must submit a program exit recommendation near the end of the semester. Program exit decisions are based on grades, performance and upon the teacher’s analysis of the student’s ability to succeed at the undergraduate level as indicted by mastery of the Level 6 Student Learning Outcomes
    2. Exit Exams: Near the end of the semester, students will take the following standardized proficiency-based exit exams for Level 6
      • Oral Proficiency Exit Exam
      • Listening Exit Exam
      • Reading Exit Exam
      • Timed Reading Exit Exam
      • Integrated Writing Exit Exam
      • Writing Exit Exam
      • Grammar Exit Exam.

Students should receive a at least a 75% or higher for each exam.

  1. ACCUPLACER NEXT GENERATION Scores: Near the end of the semester, students who would like to graduate from the ELL Intensive English Program must also take the Accuplacer Next Generation Reading and Writing assessment tests at the Testing Center at test into ENGH 0890 or higher. If a student scores lower than ENGH 0890, they cannot graduate and should repeat Level 6.

Level 6 students who would like to continue their studies at UVU as a post-ELL undergraduate student (without taking the TOEFL/IELTS) should take the Accuplacer Next Generation Reading and Writing assessment tests to determine what English class they should take.

*This class can substitute for 211G, 2120, 2130 or 2140

ELL reserves the right to change program requirements and course offerings.

ELL student speaking at the graduation ceremony

At the end of each semester, ELL holds a Level 6 “Completion” ceremony to recognize students who have completed the level 6 course of study.