What does my ACT score mean:

To enroll in ENGL 1010 you must score a 19 or above in both English and Writing on the ACT or a 500 or better on the SAT. To enroll in ENGH 1005, you must score a 14 or above. If you didn't take these tests, or your scores are more than five years old then you can take the Writing Placement Quiz and self-place.

What if My ACT Score is expired?

ACT scores are valid for five years. If your scores are older than that (or if you don't have ACT scores), then you should take the Writing Placement Quiz.

What does my Writing Placement Quiz Score mean?

The Writing Placement Quiz score indicates the English Course in which you are most likely to be successful.

How many times can I take the Writing Placement Quiz?

The Writing Placement Test should only be taken one time. The Writing Placement quiz is competency-based not performance-based. What this means is that the Quiz helps you evaluate how well you will do in one or the other classes based on experience, study habits, and confidence. It does not evaluate your writing performance per se. Because it takes time to improve competency, it’s unlikely retaking the test would improve your score. An honest appraisal of your experience and previous success taking English classes, your writing habits, and your need for additional time and support is your best bet to ensure you choose the right placement. 

Are there resources for improving my writing and ensuring my success in English?

Yes, UVU students have a number of writing-related resources, including the following:

The Writing Center

Students can visit the writing center, which is a free service located in FL 208 (in the UVU Library). Tutors provide one-on-one help with writing assignments for any class. The writing center also offers online tutorials, so students can get assistance from home. The writing center is open Mondays to Thursdays from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., Fridays from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  

Students can schedule appointments at the writing center desk in FL 208, online at uvu.mywconline.com, or by calling 801-863-8396.


Writing Fellow Tutors


UVU Writing Fellows are peer writing tutors with training in both the conventions of written English and best tutoring practices. They provide individual and group support in writing-intensive courses, meeting with a single class several times over the course of the semester in either one-on-one tutorials or group writing sessions.


UVU Mentors


UVU Mentors are dedicated to helping their peers by passing on what they have learned while attending UVU. Mentors work with students individually and in the classroom. Their motto is: "Students Helping Students.” UVU Mentors know intimately the challenges that UVU students face. They are trained to help students improve their ability to learn, they lead by example, they advocate for students, they connect students with campus resources, and they provide a welcome and friendly face to all students. 

Fulton Library


UVU’s Fulton Library (uvu.edu/library) has a wealth of resources for writers, including online video tutorials, research guides, interlibrary loan, group study rooms, and computer labs. Reference librarians can also help with research projects.

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What is the English Department's waitlist policy?

Online waitlists determine whether you can add a class. After the first week of a fifteen-week semester, waitlists are closed and the opportunity to add English classes ends.

I need to drop my English class, but the drop deadline has passed.

Students with documented exceptional circumstances may request to drop classes after the deadline. Withdrawal Exception Forms are available from academic advisors.