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Choosing the English Course that's Right for You.

 At UVU there is a place for everyone. We recognize you are on a unique journey unlike anyone else. Your path to graduation gives you the option to choose the English course that is best suited to help you accomplish your goals.

Both ENGH 1005 and ENGL 1010 serve as prerequisites for English 2010 as well as other courses across the curriculum. Decide which is best for you.

ENGH 0890

 “Writing Across the University"

5-credit hour course that does the following:

  • takes a reflexive approach to learning about writing across UVU, providing students opportunities to self-reflect on their writing processes
  • introduces students to those technologies needed for writing across the curriculum
  • focuses on developing effective strategies for writing across the university 
  • includes smaller low stakes assignments and guided step by step scaffolding assignments which culminate in larger writing projects and assignments
  • includes different types of writing to develop strategic approaches to reading, persuasion, research, and many other literacies
  • seeks to broaden students’ understanding of what it means to write, read, and be successful at UVU 

ENGH 1005

 “Writing Across Communities”

5-credit hour course that does the following: 

  • takes a project-based approach and teaches writing in the context of student projects designed and proposed by the student
  • includes multiple low-stakes assignments that feed into and support the major assignments 
  • emphasizes rhetorical knowledge, focusing context, audience, purpose, genre, media, tone.
  • includes instruction in information technologies, writing for digital media contexts, and reading and writing across the curriculum 
  • provides additional supports including Writing Fellow tutors and Mentors 

ENGL 1010

 “Introduction to Academic Writing”

3-credit hour course that does the following: 

  • helps students practice writing as a process suited to specific audiences and purposes; 
  • teaches rhetorical knowledge and skills, including critical reading, writing, and thinking;
  • guides students through the creation of multiple drafts, preparation for research, and effective collaboration with peers;
  • instructs students in the effective use of academic conventions so they can organize different kinds of papers, form solid paragraphs, and document sources

The Path Ahead

Remember, these english courses lay a foundation for success. By completing either the ENGH 1005 or the ENGL 1010 course you have completed the prerequisite for ENGL 2010 as well as many other courses across the curriculum. Learn more about ENGL 2010's writing curriculum and the First Year Writing Program.

First Year Writing Program

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