If your ACT score on the writing assessment portion of the ACT is above 19, then you have the option of choosing ENGH 1005 or ENGL 1010. If your ACT score is below 19 then you are required to enroll in ENGH 1005 or ENGH 0890. If your ACT score is below 14, you are required to enroll in ENGH 0890. 

Successful completion of ENGH 1005 or ENGL 1010 serves the prerequisite for ENGL 2010 and numerous other courses across the curriculum.

In most cases UVU relies on your ACT score or transfer credit to help determine the writing class that's right for you. However, If your ACT score is out of date (more than five years old) or if you don't have an ACT score, then you’ll want to take the Writing Placement Quiz. 

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ACT Scores

19 or Above        ENGL 1010 or ENGH 1005
14 or Above   ENGH 1005
13 or Below   ENGH 0890

Transfer Students

To see how your previous courses transfered you can check the transfer articulation. If you have additional questions contact the Transfer Credit Coordinator at 801-863-8216 or by emailing transfercredit@uvu.edu

Note: Students can place directly into ENGL 2010 if both their ACT English and their ACT Reading scores are 29 or higher and taken within the previous five years. Please check with your academic advisor.

English Placement Video