The Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) is committed to careful study and active engagement related to the challenges of violence, injustice, and conflict in a variety of contexts. CSE partners with UVU’s Peace and Justice Studies, Religious Studies, International Affairs & Diplomacy, and other programs to leverage opportunities for students to understand and contribute to opportunities for peaceful and productive reconciliation. Previous events included symposia, conferences, and workshops for students and other interested parties. Examples include:

Symposium on Religious Diversity and the Art of Civil Dialogue

This 2012 symposium explored strategies and methods for negotiating religious difference in a pluralistic society. Journalists, theologians, political scientists, conflict resolution specialists, and religious studies scholars engaged in an interdisciplinary discussion of religious identity and the public integrity of religious communities in American social life. Participants included Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, David Campbell, Cecile Holmes, and Charles Randall Paul.

Symposia on Restorative Justice and Death Penalty

This annual symposium explores the ethical implications of punitive justice and highlights alternative approaches across ideological lines. Restorative justice is an expanding global movement intended to balance the needs of both victims and offenders through cooperative interaction.

Political Perspectives in Afghanistan

This symposium explored diplomatic, political, and ethical dimensions of the war in Afghanistan. Sessions included presentations from United Nations ambassadors from Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, former Utah congressional representative Chris Cannon along with military leaders, journalists, political scientists, and research analysts. The event was part of the Utah Democracy Project designed to contribute to the health of our democracy through productive dialogue and engagement.